Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kids talking

Tonight Cassie told me that the girls down the street don't want her to tell me stuff.

They are 7 years old and already keep secrets from their parents.

I am so thankful that Cass talks to me, she tells me things, asks me things whatever it is she knows it's alright to talk to me.

I am trying so hard to build the foundation so when she is a teen we will already have the communication open.

I just hugged her and thanked her for telling me. She knows I'm not like her friends parents, this way of parenting is so worth the effort.


Tina said...

This has only happened to Carly once or twice in her lifetime that I am aware of. And both times she told me about it. My trust with her will hopefully stay intact throughout the upcoming teen years. She ended up severing the friendship with one girl years ago due to this fact. Glad to see Cassie and you have a good foundation to stand on also.

justjuls said...

My girls tell me everything.
Kullen does too - but the mother son dynamic is a bit different.
Just yesterday Kendra told me about a situation with a guy she knows who was mad at her because she isn't romantically interested - and I asked her if she cared if I texted him and told him to back off. She said it was fine. Later she thanked me for taking up for her.
I love the relationship building thing too - so much better than alienating your kids. I didn't have kids so I could not know them.

Anonymous said...

oh my I have been up against this same thing- how sad it happens so young and parents do not have a clue- I hope you do not mind my commenting- I love reading your blog-

Unknown said...

My son is 10 and still tells me things. I'm glad. You're right. We have to start early letting them know it's ok to talk to us. We can't wait until they're teens and wonder why they don't talk. I let my son know right now that no matter what he tells me, I will always love and protect him. Parents are the only ones they can really count on anyway, but they have to learn that the hard way sometimes.