Sunday, May 04, 2008


This is from the Always Unschooled yahoo group.

Radical unschooling is Not about Raising kids. Its about living with our children Right Now. Our children are not unfinished products, future activists or stooges to The Man, our kids are Who They Are right now.

That's where unschooling happens.

If you are thinking in terms of Raising your children you aren't looking at the human beings living in your home, you are looking at future adults - and those are pure imagination on your part.

Is it possible to live with our kids Right Now *and* hold the whole world in our minds at the same time?

Yes. Its challenging, but its possible.



Hilaree said...

Hi Steph,

Thanks so much for sharing this - I love it. Hope you're doing well and just wanted to say hi.

justjuls said...

This is great -
And so important to remember.
Gosh it is easy to think like this - the old ways -

kelli said...


And I don't think it's that hard if people can just let go and live. It is wonderful :)

Sarah said...

People simply do not like to be accountable...period. Thanks for the affirming post.

How are you doing?

Tina said...

I second Kelli. Let go and live.

World Wide Alternative said...

Oh that's BRILLIANT!
Thank-you for sharing it...Xxx