Friday, May 23, 2008


At the bottom of the page you will see this paragraph"Contest is open only to legal US residents, over the age of 18 with children in either elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted."


Deanne said...

Well that sucks!

justjuls said...

Go to - send them an email and tell them what you think about this - I did! We are customers too - not anymore unless they FIX this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I decided to enter a story using one of their prompts (which were stupid, by the way).
"The smell of fresh baked bread coming from the store was so good that I almost forgot that Subway discriminates against 'home schools.'
I then decided to eat at Quiznos instead."
I can't wait to see if I won the contest :)


Paige said...

>I then decided to eat at Quiznos >instead."
>I can't wait to see if I won the >contest :)


I LOVE it!!

Heather said...

Just sent my comment to Subway!

Well mannered frivolity--you crack me up--made me laugh out loud!