Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reali-T check

What is real?

What really matters?

Life is short and childhood is even shorter.

The kids are great, unschooling rocks, they learn like they breathe, it's so natural. If you haven't experienced this then you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Kids who have never been schooled just learn by doing, they learn by living.

It's their mother who has issues...

Really I'm fine, I'm good, I'm starting another hormonal episode... When flo doesn't show you just move on, I moved on I was fine...until... I lost it, I cried I broke down and cried last night. It's not really in my character, you know the one I play on TV.

I'm Miss strong, Miss reality, I'm such a realist, it is what it is so get over it already. Seriously I am like that so don't expect a whole lot of sympathy from me. Nobody gives me any either, actually some of this is personality but it also stems from my past when nobody gave a shit.

So Miss hot flash, mood swing, what is wrong with my body, what are you gonna do about it???

Who knows, I've got too many thoughts, too many causes, too many soapboxes, too much email, too many blogs, too many lists...

I also have absolutely no point to this post, what do you want I think I'm pre- menstrual again but who the hell knows?

I'll just keep learning from my kids, playing with my kids and living each day the best I can.


justjuls said...

That's the point - you just keep on keepin' on - no matter what. Your kids see that you're real - that you bleed and cry - forget June Cleaver - she was a phony. You be you in all that you are - and your kids won't feel so weird when they grow up and aren't perfect either.
Live, learn, laugh and love.

Amanda said...

"It's their mother who has issues..."

Maybe this should be "it's their parent who has issues..." In some cases, only one parent gets unschooling, and has to accommodate another parent's wishes (or commands).