Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little tidbit part two

Since Amanda asked I thought I would elaborate.

I did it!!!

I broke the plate, oh sorry I had a Veggie Tale flashback.

I had my phone in my pocket and I went to the bathroom and as I pulled up my shorts my phone fell out of my pocket and, and, and...

yep you guessed it,

it fell into the toilet.

Jason doesn't think the warranty covers that.

At least my old phone still works, we put the SIM card in it and need to send my other phone in.

Sucks for sure!


Deanna said...

I dropped my 6 month old Razr (sp?) a couple of weeks ago. David sent it in to be repaired but they sent it back with a note saying it couldn't be fixed. I'm currently using my old phone. David said he would buy me a new one but I feel badly about the expense.

Did you try to dry yours out? I've read that you should submerge it in a container of rice to absorb the moisture.

Paige said...

My cousin did that...sneaking a phone call during work in the restroom and dropped hers She *really* didn't want to touch it after that...public restroom and all...

Donna said...

I love that Veggie Tale! Larry boy, right? Thanks for the memory. My girls don't watch veggie tales anymore, I kind of miss them.