Sunday, September 06, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Abusive :: I have been a recipient of abusive behavior

  2. Psychotic :: sometimes I think that my step dad was psychotic

  3. Parents :: Jason and I have vowed to be the best parents we can be. I am doing the opposite of what my parents did.

  4. Yell :: I hate to yell but it happens sometimes,I'm not perfect, I'm hormonal.

  5. Amulet :: I have never had one, it makes me think of a princess though.

  6. Sandstorm :: I was in a sandstorm when I lived in Phoenix

  7. Amusement :: I think that a lot of people were put on this earth for my amusement

  8. Imitation :: I like the real thing, no imitations please

  9. Baby :: I love babies

  10. Rainbows :: God's promise or gay pride...bwhaaa!!!!!!

Luna Nina

Friday, September 04, 2009

More dumbing down

I'm sure everyone is aware that the president plans to speak to the school kids on Sept. 8th.

There is a lot of controversy around that and I'm not getting into it here.

Have you seen the suggested lesson plan for the students?

It's typical school stuff and it's really no wonder why there is little education going on.

These questions are just plain stupid. Do we really need to ask these kids such inane stuff?

Here's the link