Sunday, August 23, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Disguised :: a wolf disguised in sheeps clothing

  2. Big wheel :: I had a big wheel when I was a kid

  3. Irritating :: There are too many irritating things to list

  4. Care :: I care about a lot of things

  5. Grandpa :: I miss my grandpa

  6. Shooting :: shooting for the moon

  7. Sunglasses :: I always wear my sunglasses, I wear my sunglasses at night, so I so I can... damn now I have to look that song up

  8. Stampede :: There was a stampede in Lion King

  9. Painstakingly :: That is just a weird word

  10. Terrible position :: Don't put me in a terrible position

  11. I haven't done these in awhile.
    Luna Nina

Friday, August 21, 2009

Reading progress

Almost a year ago I posted that Cassie read Green Eggs and Ham to me all by herself.

I thought that was it, I thought she was really reading.
Well it was just one more step, one more connection.

Over the past few months I have noticed her actually reading words that she sees while we are out. More recently she has been reading words from the online games that she plays.

Just the other day we went to the library, she wanted to check out some animal books. She wants to be a vet when she grows up, she loves animals and wants to take care of them.

We got in the van she opened up a book and read a whole sentence. She was so excited she couldn't contain herself.

As soon as we got home she ran in the house to read it to daddy too.

She keeps asking me to come to her room because she wants to read. She is doing really well, she gets stumped on words but that is normal.

She is actually reading words she didn't know, sounding out, guessing, figuring it out, she is trying.

It seemed like she just didn't want to try awhile back, I didn't force it, I just told her what it said when she asked me to read something to her.

She is so happy and I am thrilled.

She told me that she loves to read now but she didn't used to. I think it's because it was too hard before and now it's getting easier :)


I will say it once again, you can't force reading and you really can't *teach* it.

The person has to have the connections and when it clicks, it clicks. Some kids take longer than others, it's ok, it's not a race. Forcing it is what causes learning disabilities and labels and feelings of inadequacy.

She is the last of my 4 to read and she isn't the youngest. Jared has been reading since he was 5, Kieran also, Brennan at age 9 and Cassie is 9 1/2.

Just like they all walked and talked in their time frame, they read when they are ready, without force, coersion and meaningless lessons.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part of the experience

So last night Jason asked us if we wanted to drive to a dark road and watch the meteor showers.

It was after midnight and we hopped in the van and went driving.

The clouds started rolling in and we got a little discouraged, kept driving further to find a clear spot.

We finally pulled off the road and parked on the side, the clouds were dissipating and the moon was shining bright.

We saw a few meteors but the moon was so bright it was very difficult.

Then the voices started...

I'm tired
I'm hungry
I have to go to the bathroom
my neck hurts
when are we leaving
I want to go home...

Kieran blurts out *it's all part of the experience*

A la Chevy Chase, we use that phrase often on our family outings, it's always something, we are very real about it.

We got home about 1:15 am and all was well :)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Natural attachment

When I became a mother 14 years ago it was the best thing I ever did besides marrying Jason.

I had a little person that relied on me for everything, nourishment, safety, shelter, love etc.

I couldn't put him down, I held him, rocked him, nursed him, slept with him, carried him, talked to him, treated him like a person.

I couldn't bear to put him in another room in the house and he wouldn't let me. I barely used the bassinet by our bed.

We slept so well with him on our chest, usually mine after feeding and he slept on Jason alot.

Sleeping with our baby was a natural thing to do and subsequently all others followed suit.

My kids didn't use a crib and rarely used the bassinet, only for short stints.

It was just natural for me to nurse, sleep, carry etc.

I got really good at doing things one handed, I didn't have a sling, I didn't even know about them until I had a couple kids.

I didn't hear the term *attachment parenting* until I had been doing it for a long time. I called it *common sense parenting*

Of course I learned that many people didn't have common sense.

My kids and I have a bond, it is strong and unbreakable. We are connected, I've been realizing this lately.

Last night Cassie slept over at her friend's house for the first time. She tried a few months ago but called me to come get her. This time she called but said she was staying, she was nervous but wanted to stay.

She did stay, she had a blast, she is so tired now, she went to bed early. I just felt our connection even though we were apart. Jared missed her too, he got bored without her here, that is just sweet.

I never planned on sending my kids to school, it never crossed my mind. I didn't have kids to send them away.

I am so thankful to have my 4 beautiful babies home with me where they belong.

As they grow and start spreading their wings we will go through it together.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Not back to school

School started here yesterday and we decided to go to the lake :)

It was a beautiful day, a hot day and a great day. We took Cassie's friend with us and they had a blast swimming most of the time.

The kids fished and played in the sand and swam. We hunted for feathers, Jared really wants a Robin feather. We didn't find one but we did find a Bluejay feather, so that was cool.

We brought a picnic and had a BBQ, the food was great. Jason took the day off and we had an awesome family outing.

Just a couple shots here of the kids, I'll post more on facebook.

Life is too short to waste it away in a cement building :)