Friday, March 09, 2012

Driving, Voting, Drinking...

The laws surrounding these events in life are not logical to me. Who decided that all of a sudden at age 16 one is responsible enough to operate a motor vehicle. Not just the mechanics of driving but the mental responsibility it entails.

At age 18, society deems one as an adult, responsible for their own actions. No longer a minor, parents no longer responsible for them. At this age one can vote, enlist in the military, get married, be tried as an adult etc.
Except they can't buy an alcoholic drink.

Now apparently one isn't responsible enough for that until they are 21. This makes no sense to me. Either you are an adult or you are a minor.

If society says you are responsible enough to drive, vote and go to war then you are surely responsible enough to buy a damn drink.

For any of this to make good logical sense. I believe that all of these things shall be available at the age of 18. The age that the law of the land deems one an adult.

Many of us  know that maturity and responsibility have nothing to do with age.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Witnessed at the playground

I was hanging around keeping an eye on Jared running through the playground when I saw something that really bothers me.
I heard a little voice from the jungle gym say,"Mommy can you get my apple juice, I tirsty."
The mom sitting on the bench says, "No, I'm not walking to the car."   But I'm tirsty...... Mom: I'm not walking to the car, you'll be fine...

Then I see the little girl and I mean little, probably 3 years old... She tried to get her mom to get her juice, mom wouldn't do it. They left a few minutes later.

It's a playground, kids play, they need a drink. Smart thing is to bring the drink with you. I'm just so bothered by this because you can bet the farm that if the mom was thirsty she would walk her ass out to the car!

This small child couldn't do anything about it.

Don't be a lazy ass parent. That is pretty cruel in my mind to deny a child a drink because you are lazy!