Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kids say...math

Tonight Cassie and I were playing Rummy, we don't usually keep score because she is still getting the hang of it. We have played on and off for a few months, she does really good.

She wanted to keep score tonight, so she was writing down the numbers and I showed her how to line up the columns. She has added like this before but she forgot because it's been awhile. Anyway, I asked her what the amounts were and showed her where to write them.

She has been playing with a couple girls that live down the road this week. She said that sometimes they play math games, I asked her what she meant.

She said you know like 1+1+=2 and 3+3=6. Then she goes, mom they don't even know what 100+100 is, because they go to school, they don't learn anything at school.

I just giggled and said well...just make sure you don't tell them that.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let it roll


I talked to my dad tonight, I haven't called since Christmas. Let's just say I only talk to him every 3 or 4 months because then I have to detox from the comments he makes.

A few were about Bush, flu shots, school, just stuff.

We are opposite politically, we don't talk about religion, medicine or school, he is a teacher and I am an UNSCHOOLER.

I told him that Jared was reading and instead of saying something encouraging he got on me about Cassie not reading.

She is 8, she can read a little here and there but not sentences and she doesn't try very hard.

He said if she was in public school since Kindergarton that she would HAVE to be reading by now or they would be looking for a problem as to why she wasn't.

I said is there some law that all kids have to read at 5? He said *no*
I said one of the reasons I homeschool is so that my kids can learn things when they are ready.

She is FINE!

I really can't talk to him about much of anything, it is so frustrating but his derogatory comments are uncalled for. This always happens, he said I need to farm them out because they are with me all day. I already blogged about that the last time he said it...

Ya know my mom used to always ask me about testing and all sorts of stuff, I tried to explain unschooling to her, I can't even go there with my dad. Maybe when the kids are older and he is retired...maybe...

I finally told my mom 2 years ago that I know what I am doing and that we aren't discussing it anymore. She hasn't brought it up since.


That's better :)

After I got off the phone and ranted a bit I had to clean something, I'm ok now :)

Off to the tub soon...

Monday, March 24, 2008

small addition

"Unschooling and parenting this way are completely natural for me."

Natural but not easy.

Unschooling is simple.

Parenting is hard work.

I have to work at my attitude and how I see things and keep going and doing better the next moment when I mess up.

I didn't want to sound all high and mighty like I was a perfect parent or something.

I'm far from perfect but I am working on doing better each moment.


Just a little clarification :)

I do not impose artificial limits on my kids.

There are natural limits, due to sharing, taking turns, what resources we have available at the time.

This is where talking about respect all of their lives comes in to play. We learn how to share the computer or not to eat the last piece of something without announcing it. It's give and take, I try to make win- win situations when the kids are not getting along.

It's just part of the process of living and learning together.

When a child has say only an hour to use the computer, what if he is in the middle of something? Does a parent say I don't care your time is up? Or do they say, ok how much longer do you need to finish?

I really am not trying to make things so black and white, but when I see what some parents say I do draw these conclusions.

I realize there is lots of middle ground between authoritarian parenting and what I do, I don't even know what to call it :)

There are lots of buzz words: peaceful, mindful, respectful, partnership.
I always called what I did *common sense parenting* but then I realized that so many people don't have common sense.

Right from the start, I carried my baby, I talked to them, shared with them, fed them when they were hungry and they slept when they were tired.

Instead of filling their world with no's and cant's and dont's, I told them what they could do, created an enviornment where they could crawl around and be free to explore.

Unschooling and parenting this way are completely natural for me.

Phrases from my past

Because I said so.

Do as I say, not as I do.

Kids should be seen and not heard.

How many times do I have to tell you.

Go to your room.

You're grounded.

Get out of my sight.

You ungrateful brat.

As soon as you're 18, you're out of here.

You'll eat it and like it.


All you are, are a bunch of mouths to feed.

I won't say who said these things, there are so many more I just can't remember at the moment.

Obviously I have more healing to do but my past is a great reminder of why I do what I do.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

No chores?

Since this has been a hot topic lately I thought I would just give my straight answer right here.

Families live together, learn together and work together.

I will freely admit to doing all the cleaning as my kids were young. They of course as toddlers would want to help. As they grew I would keep them with me and talk to them. I have never forced my children to do any chores.

As they are getting a little older they are helping out more. I ask for help and they usually help. This wasn't always the case, sometimes I would get a grumble, so we talk about why. If they are in the middle of something and I ask one to feed the dog or something, they tell me they will do it when they are done. It's nobody's job to feed the dogs, most days it gets down without asking.

My kids know how to sweep, mop, vacuum, run the washer, do dishes, feed the animals, clean the toilet etc. They know how from watching and from doing.

When the house gets messy I just ask for everyone to pitch in and we can get it down fast. Most days I just go around picking things up or moving them to the right room as I walk through the house.

My kids make lots of messes and they are usually willing to help out.

Some more than others, a lot is personality.

We talk about cleaning and how we all live here and it is nice if we can all keep it liveable.

I still do the majority of cleaning and ask for help as I see fit.

I want my kids to help from their heart not from force.

The beauty really shines when they just go and do something without being asked but because they wanted to.

A recent example is last week Kieran weeded the flower bed in front of the house, he did it as a surprise for his dad.

Awhile ago I woke up and both boys were doing the dishes.

Kieran likes to clean the bathroom, although he hasn't done it lately. Sometimes he sweeps and mops the floors. Cassie likes to wash windows and dust.

This is not an everyday occurance, it is intermittent but it is important because it isn't forced.

Cassie asked me to help her clean her room last night and she really did a lot. Usually I clean it because it gets overwhelming for her.

As they grow and mature it really gets easier.

My attitude is also that if I am the one who wants to clean then I'll just clean.

Life is too short to get worked up about these kind of things.

Childhood is really short and I do not want my kids to spend it doing chores.

Blurring the lines?

I've been reading yahoo groups lately and it's really the same thing over and over. I mean the topics seem to go in cycles, the latest seems to be cleaning and it's on many groups at the same time.

What is unschooling?
Is it just academic?
Can you unschool and force chore charts and bedtimes and control food and teeth brushing and limit tv, video games and computer?
Does unschooling have to extend into how we parent?
Do we have to be mindful and respectful?
Can't we just control what our kids do and still unschool?
Can't we just live by rules?
Does it have to be principles?
Do we have to model and discuss and trust?

Are there really academic only unschoolers vs. whole life learners? Why do we divide? Do unschoolers really have to parent differently in order to embrace the philosophy?

What do you think?

I'm really hoping for some comments on this post.

I will tell you what I think :)

The short answer is that I suppose you can only unschool academically while you control and limit everything else. BUT you will not experience the full benefits of unschooling with authoritarian parenting. Our relationships with our kids should be our priority, for me academics comes after, learning is just a by product of living.

It really seems like there are two camps, the academic unschoolers and the whole life unschoolers. It is kind of odd though because if you really get unschooling there isn't any academic quota to meet.

To quote my good friend Tina :

"Life is learning. Learning is what happens when you live."

In my very biased not so humble opinion I believe that you are selling your kids and yourself short if you don't fully embrace the philosophy.

It's hard to explain how I parent because when I say things like we don't have rules, chores, bedtimes, punishments, privileges or limits on electronics then people who do not get it think we are living in massive chaos where the kids rule and the parents drool.

What we do is talk about respect and safety and how to do things and what is good, bad, or indifferent. We take every situation as an opportunity to learn how to communicate and get along with each other. This is a normal part of our daily life, lots of dialogue going on, lots of questions asked and answered.

I firmly believe that unschoolers parent completely different then the mainstream, traditional, rule oriented, do as I say parents.

We should be partnering with our kids and helping them navigate their world, not limiting and controlling and ruling it.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Money :: Pit (Just watched The Money Pit)

  2. Unhappy :: sad

  3. Joking :: Kieran (always goofing)

  4. Chipmunk :: cheeks

  5. Date :: April 3

  6. Slideshow :: life in pictures

  7. Chicago :: White Sox

  8. Lifetime :: Learning

  9. Skid row :: 18 and life (that's a song)

  10. Edward :: I got nothing for Edward

Luna Nina

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun in the mud

Jared says, "Hey mom playing in the mud is fun, did you play in the mud when you were a kid?"

I told him I did, but then he said, "But you don't anymore."

It's great to be a kid :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Two years ago today...

We left Pennsylvania.

Wow time really does fly.

The biggest thing I missed was our house, we had a great little house, of course with 6 people it wasn't big enough but it was built right and the location was great.

I do miss some people, I could name them all.

I do not miss the weather or the *steel mill mentality*

We are progressive people, we are forward thinking, always open to change and growth.

We lived there for seven years and before that nine years in California. If you want a complete culture shock move from CA to PA :)

I struggled for years, wondering why God sent us there, it was really a rough time for ME personally. I did grow a lot, I learned a lot and I realize that it was part of my journey to be who I am.

We had trying times but we had good times too and two of our children were born there, the older two were born in CA.

So we packed up the truck and it drove away, we packed the van and cleaned the house(it wasn't sold yet) and we left PA...

Wow, two whole years ago! Here we are living and loving and learning in TN.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

While this is more my style...

These were too cute to pass up :)

Yes, I am Irish, it's in my blood. I DO NOT eat corn beef and cabbage but I sure can drink.
Happy St. Pat's Day to all my friends whether you are Irish or not :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Paranormal :: Poltergeist

  2. Alarm :: Smoke, clock, fear, tornado

  3. Operative :: word

  4. Changing :: me, always learning, growing, changing

  5. Framed :: set up

  6. Beer :: Michelob

  7. Referral :: job

  8. Unmasked :: honest

  9. Movie star :: Sandra Bullock

  10. Handbook :: Teenage Liberation Handbook, A must read!

Get your words and play Luna Nina

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We have a tub

We have lived here almost 2 years and never had the use of the 2nd bath. Jason just fixed the tub and it is finally ready to be used.

See the nice hole.

It is finished and I will be taking my first bath in my new tub tonight :)

WOOHOO!!!! I love my mr. fix-it :)

Back into TV Land

Bear with me, this is supposed to be at the bottom but I can't figure out how to move it and I don't feel like typing the post over. You'll get it as you read :) This is Jason fixing my ceiling. What does this have to do with TV, you ask...

There is always a story around here...

Today the cable guy was supposed to come between 12-3pm, I went to bed at 3:00am and I couldn't sleep...

I knew I had to get up just in case he showed up early or at noon, so I got up at 11:00am. I know for you normal people that isn't early, but it is when you are me and you didn't even sleep.

So I felt like crap :)

The day went on and we started thinking he wasn't coming so the guy called around 2:30pm, he was off in the boonies and apologized but he was on his way. Like they can't give him two jobs in the same vicinity...

So we are already wired because we have cable internet, we decided to go for the triple deal, tv, phone, internet.

Jared and I were in the boys room learning about the solar system, he had questions and thankfully I have encyclopedias in the house with pictures. So we were reading and talking and minding our own business when all of a sudden...


Well here's the picture.

The cable guy fell through my ceiling! First of all he wasn't hurt, phew!

All Jason could do was laugh and assure him it was OK, he was very remorseful. The thing is Jason already stepped through the same spot and we had the ceiling taped up, I'm not kidding! Except this was much bigger and now had to be worked on today. Oh Home Depot loves us!

I just told him *welcome to the money pit*

So anyway everyone is so excited we haven't had TV in 10 months. So guess what everyone around here will be doing for awhile :)

I didn't get the memo

So this morning I got a rude awakening by someone knocking and my dogs wanting to get them. It was 10:15 am by the way so you can only imagine my displeasure. None of you have ever seen my in the morning but I'm sure you can imagine it.

So apparantly we are in violation of two city ordinances, who knew.

I was standing on my porch in my pajamas, thank God I wore something presentable to bed, waiting for this guy to write me up.

I asked him if there was a rule book or something, I mean come on...

Apparantly they are cracking down, that means the city needs money so we are out canvassing the neighborhoods looking for whatever we can get people on.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hitting is never the answer

We had a small incident tonight where Cassie was messing around and apparantly hit the neighbor boy and he hit her back, no time for her to apologize or say it was an accident or anything.

My husband will not stand for anyone hitting his daughter...EVER! We talked to everyone and got the story and then Jason talked to the boy. He basically said I don't care what she did you do not hit my daughter and you do not hit girls. The boy didn't know what to do, he went outside, walked around, thought a little and cried a bit. He is also spending the night tonight, we left that up to him if he still wanted to. My son told him that *you don't hit girls* my kids whack each other on occasion. Jason has had the talk with them and even though she is your sister you do not hit her and even if she hit you first... We told them that we know she can get out of hand but that they need to come to us and we will talk to her, do not hit her.

Some people may think it's a double standard but you know what I don't think it is. We don't want him or any boy to grow up and hit his girlfriend or his wife. We are also talking to Cassie about not hitting boys or girls or anyone for that matter.

When an adult hits another adult they can be arrested if the person presses charges. Parents have no right to hit their child who can't press charges. You want to talk double standards? Parents hit kids then turn around and tell them not to hit. That is stupid! Do as I say not as I do, I heard that one enough growing up to make me gag...

Spanking is wrong period, no if's and's or but's about it! Hitting is never the answer, we need to model this for our kids and help them deal with frustration and anger that would cause them to hit.

This is an ongoing thing for me as a parent, when my kids whack each other sometimes I just ask them if they want me to do that to them, of course they don't.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ABC meme

I borrowed this from Kelli

A - Available?: after 1:00pm

B-Best friend: Jason

C-Cake or Pie?: It depends, I love Apple Pie but if I'm having sweets it's Green's & Black organic dark chocolate

D-Drink of choice: Merlot

E-Essential thing used everyday: Computer

F-Favorite color: Red

G-Gummi bears or worms: YUCK

H-Hometown: I was born in Lewiston NY, I have lived all over the place and don't consider anywhere my hometown.

I-Indulgence: DUH!!! dark chocolate, red wine

J-January or February: WHY? I guess Feb because it's closer to spring

K-Kids and names: Kieran, Brennan, Cassandra, Jared

L-Life: The learning never stops

M-Marriage date: April 3, 1993

N-Number of siblings: 2 and 2 step

O-Oranges or apples: both

P-Phobias:closed spaces

Q-Quote: Everyone wants to tell you what to do and what's good for you. They don't want you to find your own answers, they want you to believe theirs. Socrates, Peaceful Warrior

R-Reason to smile: my kids

S-Season: Fall

T-Tag three people: Anyone who wants to do this :)

U-Unknown fact about me: ?????I think you all know me :)

V-Vegetable you don't like: Broccoli

W-Worst Habit: Interrupting/finishing people's sentences

X-X-rays you have had: ankle, wrist, teeth, hip, cat scans and ultrasounds

Y-Your favorite food: Pizza

Z-Zodiac: Taurus

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Homicide :: CSI (I love CSI all 3 of them I'm jonesing hard, I just found out they will be back on in April)

  2. Divisive :: Homeschool/Unschool, Christianity/Churchianity, Socialists/Libertarians

  3. Flash :: Lightning

  4. Steaming :: Tea Kettle (especially when I forget I'm heating water)

  5. Crunch :: chips

  6. Look out! :: The shit's gonna hit the fan!

  7. Anticipating :: Waiting, wanting, impatience

  8. Slim :: Me at 16

  9. Navel :: Fuzzy (I do not do peach anything since I was 16 and had a really bad experience)

  10. Help :: That is what I TRY to do, help others do better, be better, think better than they are at this moment.

  11. Luna Nina

Apples and Oranges

What is the real purpose of school? I believe it is just Government babysitting and controlling the masses, dumbing down at it's finest. So why do people new to unschooling or not so new for that matter want to see proof that unschooling produces competent, thriving, successful adults?

How many incompetent, wandering aimlessly, sitting on welfare, can't learn how to get a life kind of people come out of public school? You know as many as I do, really. There is no guarantee on life and unschooling doesn't guarantee anything that looks like schooling. We don't want to look like school we are separated from schoolish ways and thoughts and results.

Unschooling produces free thinking people who know how to learn, people who follow their interests and people who are productive in society. You can argue that so does school, look at all of us, are we incompetent dumb asses? No we saw through the crap and we did what we had to but we, well I, don't give school any credit for my brains or success.

Success is in the eye of the beholder, it means different things to different people. My hope for my kids is that they grow up happy and free to choose what they want to do with their life. I hope that they will find something they love to do that makes them a living. They can do anything they set their mind to because they have been allowed the freedom to find out WHO they are and WHAT they want and they KNOW HOW TO LEARN.

There is no reason to compare schooled kids with unschooled kids, we don't even have the same goals, apparantly we don't even speak the same language. Actually it seems that many homeschoolers speak the public school language and do have the same schoolish goals.
You know I'm not trying to be divisive but it's pretty hard not to. My friend just told me that her son was invited to a sleep over with other homeschoolers and was told to bring his homework. WTF???

If that makes any sense then please enlighten me so I can gag... How utterly ridiculous that homeschoolers are doing this. They leave the school system but they just recreate it with school at home and co-ops and all sorts of other ways, trust me, they do it here too, I'm just not interested and not even close to participating.

If your goal is to produce products of public education then save us and them the heartache and just put them in school.

If you want happy, productive, free thinking people who know how to learn what they need when they need it then unschool. Don't try it, don't toy with it JUST DO IT, your kids are young once and don't have the luxury of a do over.

You know what, who cares if they don't learn long division or the times tables, or whatever your hang up is until they are 18. Does it really matter?

All of these kids are sitting in school for 12 years of their life getting shit crammed into them that they have no interest in or use for. Why not learn things when you are actually interested and have a real need for? I gave my teachers a run for their money with my questions and attitude. It is so easy to memorize facts, take a test and forget it. I have learned so much as an adult and as a result of my kids interests. I promptly forgot whatever facts they taught in school, what purpose did they have in MY life?? NONE!
I won't even get started on all the classes I HAD to take and college too that is another topic.

My point is either unschool or don't it's really that simple. Many people are drawn to unschooling but don't fully deschool themselves and allow the freedom and joy that comes with learning.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

What happened to Spring?

I'm pretty sure we were wearing shorts at the zoo last weekend. This is just a dusting but it is like really freakin cold.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Unschooling or not?

There have been some really good threads at Always Learning lately, the link is in my sidebar.
It is Sandra Dodd's list, she is straight to the point and cuts through the crap which is probably why I like her.

I agree with many things she says, not everything but who agrees with everything. I agree that we can't babystep and pussyfoot around people's feelings. Kids are young once, we only have one chance with them, parents who are seeking unschooling do not have the luxury to take years to get it all the while their kids are growing up before their eyes. Wouldn't you rather be told straight out what things are like then to smack yourself upside the head 10 years later and wish you had gotten it sooner?

When people are seeking out unschooling by joining discussion lists then we need to be honest and forthright, we need to tell them like it is.
I am so sick of people being offended by one thing or another, it really gets old. Either you want to get it or you don't but don't blame us for trying to help.

I admit I have been kind of soft lately due to the fact of *offending* people in the past, not purposefully that's for sure.

I love it when people cut the crap and tell me head on what they think and it's high time I go back to doing just that.

I run a list with over 370 people on it and I have not been diligent in keeping it up to unschooling snuff. I have let many things go that should be addressed, I'm not a babysitter, I can't control what people say.

Someone sent me an email who unsubbed and pretty much insulted our group and said we weren't unschooling or gentle parenting.

She wasn't there very long and never posted and it was during a time of some turmoil by a few members.

I could have been really offended by some of the things she said but I'm not. I am actually a little taken back and surprised but I have to let it roll. I can not please everyone and I don't plan on it, somehow I think I used to want to.

I do not understand why so many out there want to claim the unschooling title without actually doing it. There are people out there giving unschooling a bad rap because they call whatever it is they do unschooling while it clearly is not. Everyone is free to choose what they do or don't do but don't call it something it clearly isn't.

Unschooling has a purpose, there is a reason for the distinction, to meet like minded individuals who live and learn in freedom.

I am not big on labels, I would call what we do *living* but since everyone lives...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Daily Groove

This is very timely for me as I was woken up before I was ready and I layed in bed trying to go back to sleep. I struggle with this kind of exhaustion and it's definitely mental :)

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Easing Exhaustion from Within ::

Resistance is holding onto thoughts that block your experience of Well-Being. Worry, frustration,resentment, annoyance, etc. -- all are manifestations of resistance. Clinging to resistant thoughts takes a lot of energy-- energy that *could* be easing your path.

Ironically, parents often complain about (i.e.,resist) not getting enough sleep. When you resist that condition, the resistance drains your energy, causing you to need even more sleep! Of course it's good to get as much rest as you can when you're exhausted. But you can also balance the equation from the *inside* by releasing the resistance that creates the stress that makes you tired --including your resistance to tiredness itself.

Today (and tonight) notice how you talk and think about sleep and rest. Gently release any thought that feels stressful. Imagine that every time you release a resistant thought, it's like giving yourself an hour of sleep. :-) free to forward this message to your friends!(Please include this paragraph and everything above.)Copyright (c) 2008 by Scott Noelle"Inspiration & Coaching for Progressive

Parents"http://www.ScottNoelle.com 1044 Water Street, Suite 342Port Townsend, WA 98368USATo unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:

Some moments are still a little challenging

I have a lot going on in my head but I will try to focus.

I have been a mom for 12 1/2 years and I'm so quick to give advice about *getting over yourself* and these are *your issues* and blah blah blah...

I do give myself the same advice by the way... All day I kept telling myself to get over it, it only bothers YOU, you are the only one who even knows it's bothering YOU!

My house has become a disaster area, for many reasons, that I may or may not share. I used to keep house so well, of course as anyone will testify if you do that then it is ALL you are doing.

So, I have learned to *let go* oh my gosh you have no idea how much I have let go in the cleaning department. We go days with stuff strewn about before I (we) pick it up, the clean laundry piles up waiting to be folded. Cassie's room, oh let's not go there... I cleaned the boys' room today because I wanted to and you wouldn't know it now :)

It's all for my own peace of uncluttered mind, but who am I kidding? My mind is so full of thoughts and ideas and opinions, I might use mess as an excuse. For example the last time I cleaned the boys' room was so I could watch Across the Universe, I actually can't sit and watch a movie with a mess around me. Am I just weird? Don't answer that.

I have come a long way with a lot more to go, this post wasn't even going to be about messes or cleaning. I clean when I want to period. I am not kidding, I used to be so crazy about picking up or doing dishes or whatever. I have been known to let go on occasion and now don't always do the dishes before bed, even though I hate to wake up to a mess. It is so liberating to say *you know what, I don't want to do the dishes* My husband is so easy, he always tells me to take a break or don't worry about it, I'm learning from him, he is so easy going and relaxed. I'm just an uptight honky :) anyone seen Bringing Down the House, love it.

Life is messy, kids are messy, people make messes, otherwise we would do nothing and learn nothing and live in a box covered in plastic for fear of making a mess. That doesn't happen here, nobody is afraid to make a mess.

We live here, we learn here, we work here, it definitely gets messy. You know what it's a-ok as long as I can find the floor long enough to vacuum it :)

Tonight the kids were being loud and really not listening and I got a tad bit agitated. That was what my post was really about. I don't want to get upset or frustrated, I just want to sail through any challenge and work it out, tonight was a little difficult. It's over now and at least I can go over it in my mind and figure out how to do better next time.

The Saga Continues...

The adventures of Petie and Boomer continue!

This time...

Is much different then previous hacks. He hacks the delegate counting! He makes it so they count the delegates wrong. And makes it so anyone that would count it disappear! Interesting isn't it? Now, he must make it so no one messes up America! This story continues, more hacks coming up.

Kieran wrote this.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

There is a floor!

I vacuumed and mopped today, as you can see Cocoa is happy. After I let her in, they were out all day, she is a spoiled little house dog.

Mocha too :)
I have no idea about all the spots it must be the lens. Kieran is like mom what ARE you doing????

Monday, March 03, 2008

A trip to the zoo

Here is JW1 and JW2 on the merry -go- round.

Kate and Cassie.

We had beautiful weather yesterday so we decided to go to the zoo, well apparantly everyone else in the greater Nashville area had the same idea. I have never seen so many people there, it was so packed.

We ran into some friends and had a good time, I got to see my girls too, they need a bath :)

Meet Petie...

The computer hacker, he is erasing files and wreaking havoc everywhere.

This is Boomer, his sidekick, together they sure are trouble makers.

Oh looks like he is trying to escape...
Join us again for the Adventures of Boomer and Petie.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Chemical :: smell (Jason is refinishing our tub and the chemicals smell)

  2. Poker :: Ante up (The kids and I play poker often)

  3. Federal :: Taxes (need I say more)

  4. Mattress :: Sleep

  5. Who am I? :: queen of something :)

  6. Investigation :: FBI

  7. In good hands :: Allstate

  8. 8:30 :: time

  9. Creditors :: UGH!

  10. Resource :: Internet

Get your words at Luna Nina

Unschooling Voices Issue 13

Unschooling Voices is up at Po Moyemu

Thanks to Silvia for pulling it together this month, there are lots of great posts to read.