Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some moments are still a little challenging

I have a lot going on in my head but I will try to focus.

I have been a mom for 12 1/2 years and I'm so quick to give advice about *getting over yourself* and these are *your issues* and blah blah blah...

I do give myself the same advice by the way... All day I kept telling myself to get over it, it only bothers YOU, you are the only one who even knows it's bothering YOU!

My house has become a disaster area, for many reasons, that I may or may not share. I used to keep house so well, of course as anyone will testify if you do that then it is ALL you are doing.

So, I have learned to *let go* oh my gosh you have no idea how much I have let go in the cleaning department. We go days with stuff strewn about before I (we) pick it up, the clean laundry piles up waiting to be folded. Cassie's room, oh let's not go there... I cleaned the boys' room today because I wanted to and you wouldn't know it now :)

It's all for my own peace of uncluttered mind, but who am I kidding? My mind is so full of thoughts and ideas and opinions, I might use mess as an excuse. For example the last time I cleaned the boys' room was so I could watch Across the Universe, I actually can't sit and watch a movie with a mess around me. Am I just weird? Don't answer that.

I have come a long way with a lot more to go, this post wasn't even going to be about messes or cleaning. I clean when I want to period. I am not kidding, I used to be so crazy about picking up or doing dishes or whatever. I have been known to let go on occasion and now don't always do the dishes before bed, even though I hate to wake up to a mess. It is so liberating to say *you know what, I don't want to do the dishes* My husband is so easy, he always tells me to take a break or don't worry about it, I'm learning from him, he is so easy going and relaxed. I'm just an uptight honky :) anyone seen Bringing Down the House, love it.

Life is messy, kids are messy, people make messes, otherwise we would do nothing and learn nothing and live in a box covered in plastic for fear of making a mess. That doesn't happen here, nobody is afraid to make a mess.

We live here, we learn here, we work here, it definitely gets messy. You know what it's a-ok as long as I can find the floor long enough to vacuum it :)

Tonight the kids were being loud and really not listening and I got a tad bit agitated. That was what my post was really about. I don't want to get upset or frustrated, I just want to sail through any challenge and work it out, tonight was a little difficult. It's over now and at least I can go over it in my mind and figure out how to do better next time.


Tina said...

Maybe you have those mid/end winter blues also. least you have better weather.
Hang in there. Spring is a comin!!

Sarah said...

For unknown reason, I am always in the keep it clean mood for someone dropping by whenever dh is traveling. I wash dishes as they appear instead of letting them piled up. I vaccum, mop, clean the kitchen counter...All these would probably go awy if we weren't homeschooled!! My non-homeschool friends just don't have the dishes (they eat out most of their meals,) messes all over the house like we do.

My ears are extra sensitive from blowing all the time resulting from flu now cold; I am extremely sensitive to slightest out-of-the-norm pitch of sound made by our kids. I described to them how unbearable it is to me. Thank goodness they get it and have been very sensible to my short-term need. Now, I just need to be able to sleep...I do hope your day will be brighter and you will be uplifted soon. We have been having Spring-like weather so no complaint here.