Friday, March 07, 2008

Unschooling or not?

There have been some really good threads at Always Learning lately, the link is in my sidebar.
It is Sandra Dodd's list, she is straight to the point and cuts through the crap which is probably why I like her.

I agree with many things she says, not everything but who agrees with everything. I agree that we can't babystep and pussyfoot around people's feelings. Kids are young once, we only have one chance with them, parents who are seeking unschooling do not have the luxury to take years to get it all the while their kids are growing up before their eyes. Wouldn't you rather be told straight out what things are like then to smack yourself upside the head 10 years later and wish you had gotten it sooner?

When people are seeking out unschooling by joining discussion lists then we need to be honest and forthright, we need to tell them like it is.
I am so sick of people being offended by one thing or another, it really gets old. Either you want to get it or you don't but don't blame us for trying to help.

I admit I have been kind of soft lately due to the fact of *offending* people in the past, not purposefully that's for sure.

I love it when people cut the crap and tell me head on what they think and it's high time I go back to doing just that.

I run a list with over 370 people on it and I have not been diligent in keeping it up to unschooling snuff. I have let many things go that should be addressed, I'm not a babysitter, I can't control what people say.

Someone sent me an email who unsubbed and pretty much insulted our group and said we weren't unschooling or gentle parenting.

She wasn't there very long and never posted and it was during a time of some turmoil by a few members.

I could have been really offended by some of the things she said but I'm not. I am actually a little taken back and surprised but I have to let it roll. I can not please everyone and I don't plan on it, somehow I think I used to want to.

I do not understand why so many out there want to claim the unschooling title without actually doing it. There are people out there giving unschooling a bad rap because they call whatever it is they do unschooling while it clearly is not. Everyone is free to choose what they do or don't do but don't call it something it clearly isn't.

Unschooling has a purpose, there is a reason for the distinction, to meet like minded individuals who live and learn in freedom.

I am not big on labels, I would call what we do *living* but since everyone lives...


Sarah said...

I am with you. I do know how you feel as you know I had a unpleasant encounter too recently with my local unschooling group. Yes, you can't (besides not supposed to anyway) please everyone. So, pick a battle that is meaningful to you and be true to yourself. Be who you are. Stand tall and speak your mind, Steph. LIFE IS GOOD.

Heather said...

I've been enjoying the discussion at Always Learning, also. I know what you mean about trying to please everyone and I appreciate that you aren't into that and stick to your purpose for RCU. I really enjoyed your last line about living! lol

justjuls said...

You go girl.
The cyber thing can get weird - and you don't really know who you are dealing with - so you can't take it personally - and I know you don't -
It is normal to be taken aback - and say you just don't get it.

You have support to say what is necessary - if that means the group drops from 370 to 37 - so be it. I'd rather have a group of 37 active participants who get it than 370 who are coming just to diss the group later.

Tina said...

It's probably for those reasons I don't post much on AL, USB or your site. Maybe I should. I'm opinionated enough, that's for sure!!
If it wasn't for Sandra, I wouldn't have been able to keep this up for so long. Kudos to you--stand firm and holler if you "really" need me.

Jenny said...

I've been enjoying that thread on AL too.

I remember when I first discovered and Sandra, I thought it was intriguing ... but I had this picture of the Dodd family just giggling and grinning through life, wreaking havoc everywhere they go, and patting themselves on the back for their "free" and "joyful" lifestyle.

The fact that they are so obviously NOT REMOTELY like that is one of the reasons I like her so much.