Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy kids

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Imagination is abound in my house... The kids are constantly playing and acting and making things up. My oldest son has been completely into all things military for quite some time now and it has rubbed off a bit on the others. They play army and make up battleplans and fight the Germans, it's quite amusing. One day I heard them yell *We can't get to the Germans because the dog is in the way*

Someone is always getting shot or something is getting blown up. They are quite the little actors.

My youngest Jared acts out his favorite video game Ratchet and Clank, he does this throughout the house and every where we go. He is quite the active one in the stores, rolling around on the floor and acting.

Right now Brennan is dressed up as a hunter and he has built a tent in Cassie's bedroom. Kieran is always inventing new weapons. Cassie is my princess who loves to dress up pretty but she also gets down and dirty with the boys.

Every day is a new beginning for their playing, they feed off each other or something they read about or saw on TV.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

tv, video games, limitations, rules...

I asked a fellow blogger where to begin since I'm new at this and she said start where you are now. So today on a yahoo group I belong to there were discussions of limiting tv and video games. I always have a hard time with these posts because these things have never been limited in our house and are not an issue. Sure my kids watch tv and play video games whenever they want, they also do lots of other things that interest them. I firmly believe that if these things were limited or used as a reward or punishment then there would be some sort of power given to them. As it is they hold no power and they are just another tool or resource, they are also a form of entertainment and learning.

What really got me was how the parent talked about how the kids have to explicity behave and clean up before they can play or watch. If they act up they can't play and get grounded from it, HUH!!!!!

I always wonder how these kids feel when their parents put such limits on them. I wonder if the husband told the wife that since she didn't do the dishes when he wanted that she had to go to bed early I don't know, it's all stupid to me. Where is the respect in these homes, where is the joy of learning, where is the compatibility, where is the real living?

More to come on this subject but right now my kids are calling...