Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome to the south

Two of my fears in moving to TN were ticks and tornadoes. Last night Jared had a big tick in his scalp, it was really in there. We had a really hard time getting it out and are slightly concerned that we didn't get it all. Jared was in so much pain it was truly awful.
We are just watching him and praying that he doesn't develop any symptoms of illness from it.

Last year Cassie had one on her neck and last month Brenny had one crawling on him but this was by far the worst for Jared. Of course I'm afraid, I hate the thought of ticks, ewww yuck.

As for the tornadoes we have had some touch down around us and I hope it doesn't come any closer then that. Of course we had tornadoes in PA also and I never realized that when we moved there.

Oh well there are trade offs for living here but it's worth not having months on end of sub zero temps and snow,I don't like winter.

So it's time to start the nightly tick check on the kids and get some Bug-X.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Information overload

Wow!! This week I have so much new information from my Homeopathy course, my brain is swirling. Last night I was reading and I had to stop because there is so much to take in.
I was dreamimg of acute miasms and succusions and triturations and belladonna and reperatories and Hering's Law of cures and...

I hope I can really remember and absorb, their is so much to learn. I have been loosely reasearching Homeopathy for about a year but I really needed the information presented this way. I love the internet!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quick check in

I haven't posted anything new in quite awhile except for the quotes. I have been taking an online course in Homeopathy and that takes extra time from my week. I love it, I'm gaining a huge amount of knowledge and I will be able to treat my own family in first aid and acute conditions. I also plan to go on to the advanced course, it's all online so it's great for me.

The kids are doing great, Kieran and Brennan have been playing lots of Runescape, they'll each use a computer and get on at the same time and help each other out. Brennan is learning how to read as he goes, it's been such a natural progression for him, it's awesome to watch natural learning unfold over time.

Jared has been even more intense then usual and having major outbursts, we are working on helping him figure out his world. It's really hard to reach him sometimes and I am doing my best not to react and yell at him. Of course that is totally counterproductive and I've been doing pretty well, it's hard not to get frustrated when he is flipping out and yelling.

We are supposed to have major storms tonight, it's been really warm and now there is a cold front coming. We have the A/C on and will need the heat this weekend, bizarre.

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary, dh brought me lovely flowers and we had a nice family dinner.