Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome to the south

Two of my fears in moving to TN were ticks and tornadoes. Last night Jared had a big tick in his scalp, it was really in there. We had a really hard time getting it out and are slightly concerned that we didn't get it all. Jared was in so much pain it was truly awful.
We are just watching him and praying that he doesn't develop any symptoms of illness from it.

Last year Cassie had one on her neck and last month Brenny had one crawling on him but this was by far the worst for Jared. Of course I'm afraid, I hate the thought of ticks, ewww yuck.

As for the tornadoes we have had some touch down around us and I hope it doesn't come any closer then that. Of course we had tornadoes in PA also and I never realized that when we moved there.

Oh well there are trade offs for living here but it's worth not having months on end of sub zero temps and snow,I don't like winter.

So it's time to start the nightly tick check on the kids and get some Bug-X.


S said...

yup! They are already bad here too, (PA) we've already had once each on us! *shivers* the big ones at least you can see and get off, but the little tiny deer ticks are worse. The worst is scratching your arm and looking down going "I didn't think I had a freckle there... ACK!!! it's a tick!" Good luck with that!

jaci said...

I once had a part of a tick stick in my scalp when I was a kid. I can't remember the details now, but it was a long time later that it worked its way back out.

There's a tool you can buy at most sporting goods stores that works amazingly well. We use it all the time when we go hiking (well, Don uses it. *I* don't allow ticks on me.)