Friday, May 11, 2007

Latest illogical parenting beef

Some people's parents...

I am always amazed at the lack of mindful parenting that I see, I know many people don't even think twice about how they parent or about trying to do better.

The latest from our neighbors happened yesterday. The little girl just turned five and is very small IMO, her training wheels broke on her little bike. We have a little bike that I let her ride a few times so she can ride with Cassie. Yesterday I told her that she could borrow the bike, her mom doesn't want her to ride it she wants her to learn how to ride without training wheels.

So Cassie comes in and asks Jason to remove the broken wheels so she can help her learn to ride. Jason and I tried to explain to her that it is her parents responsibility to do that. Cassie got really upset and didn't understand why we wouldn't take the wheels off.

My beef is that she told me that her mom said she has to learn how to ride without training wheels. She isn't even ready for one thing and another thing is how can the child learn if her parents don't remove the wheels and get off their asses and help the child?????

So in the mean time she has no bike to ride and isn't allowed to ride ours.

An analogy that crossed my mind was if a velcro strap broke on her shoes
and the only other pair she had was with laces and her mom said that she has to learn how to tie or she won't wear any shoes. I'm not wording it right but my point is there, this is asanine. I have many examples from this very family that make no sense to me, UGH!

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S said...

Yikes! That doesn't make sense at all! Plus if she's not ready for a big bike, why not just let her ride her bike with the training wheels? My 7 year old still needs training wheels. By the way.. My blog has almost the same name as yours! I'm "living and learning" I saw your post on the pa unschoolers site and decided to come see your blog.