Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Epiphany

I have suffered with digestive problems my whole life..

I was a colicky baby and diagnosed with irritable bowel at 19.

I have had doctors telling me to eat more fiber, fiber was wheat. Wheat bread, bagels, raisin bran etc..

I cut out dairy and coffee and took fiber  supplements...This was back when I was like 20.

I have had digestive trouble and severe bloating for  years. It is awful, my gut hurts.
They gave me drugs which helped the spasms  but I now know it contributed to the slow digestion.

I don't absorb  nutrients. I have several deficiencies and my whole system is underperforming according to blood tests I had last year.

Not to mention my severe vitamin D deficiency, that has contributed to lots of prolonged sickness.

I had saliva testing done last summer and I tested positive for gliadin, which is an inflammation response to gluten.

I have been *trying*  to be gluten free since then but my downfall is pizza. So I didn't realize  the impact and I was like oh a piece of pizza can't hurt...

So every few weeks I kept poisoning myself with wheat without knowing the impact until now...

Three weeks ago was the last time I had wheat, I suffered serious chest pain/indigestion for 2 days from one piece a pizza...

I  have now realized that wheat is poison to me and that it is probably the root cause of all of my physical ailments....

Amazing and unbelievable.

I'm most likely celiac. I have not been tested, I don't need to spend any more money on tests. I have all the knowledge I need to know that I can never consume wheat again...

I've also heard from more than one source that one bite of gluten can cause up to 6 months of inflammation...

I'm only 3 weeks into it and I've had trouble for years...I'm so looking forward to actually eating, digesting and enjoying food...

I hate food,(well except pizza, chocolate and cheese) I eat out of necessity because my blood sugar makes me wonky.

Here is a site I found on celiac

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm honored

Thank you Cindy at Guerrila Homeschooling for honoring my blog!

Unconscious Mutterings

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Luna Nina

Friday, March 04, 2011

This may come out jumbled, I would've blogged last night when it was fresh but I wasn't able to use my computer and the connection was lost on my laptop.

I got into something on another blog and I won't link it, it's not important.

What is important is that people are out there giving unschooling a bad rap. People claim to unschool and unparent.

Why would anyone freely admit to neglecting their child. Un parenting = Not parenting.

I realize parenting brings on many different styles and practices.

We practice partnership and respectful parenting. Many people practice parenting I completely disagree with.

Specifically though unschoolers that I know of practice respectful parenting or at least strive to be respectful and mindful and treat children well.

Many people I know do not like the word unschooling because of these negative connotations that people come up with.

I like the word in it's simplest form it means NOT schooling.

Of course it has many definitions.

I believe in life learning, learning through living, living without school.

I believe in parenting WITH my children not AT my children.

If I am so ignorant to believe that other unschoolers do this too then so be it.

If people are out there claiming to Un school and Un Parent I don't want to know about it.

Labels are labels they are useful to find others, they don't define me or you.

I dropped the christian label and I dropped the republican label, I don't relate to the majority of what those words mean.

I don't want to drop unschooling because people out there are tainting it.

We live and learn as if school didn't exist that won't change no matter what you call it.