Friday, March 04, 2011

This may come out jumbled, I would've blogged last night when it was fresh but I wasn't able to use my computer and the connection was lost on my laptop.

I got into something on another blog and I won't link it, it's not important.

What is important is that people are out there giving unschooling a bad rap. People claim to unschool and unparent.

Why would anyone freely admit to neglecting their child. Un parenting = Not parenting.

I realize parenting brings on many different styles and practices.

We practice partnership and respectful parenting. Many people practice parenting I completely disagree with.

Specifically though unschoolers that I know of practice respectful parenting or at least strive to be respectful and mindful and treat children well.

Many people I know do not like the word unschooling because of these negative connotations that people come up with.

I like the word in it's simplest form it means NOT schooling.

Of course it has many definitions.

I believe in life learning, learning through living, living without school.

I believe in parenting WITH my children not AT my children.

If I am so ignorant to believe that other unschoolers do this too then so be it.

If people are out there claiming to Un school and Un Parent I don't want to know about it.

Labels are labels they are useful to find others, they don't define me or you.

I dropped the christian label and I dropped the republican label, I don't relate to the majority of what those words mean.

I don't want to drop unschooling because people out there are tainting it.

We live and learn as if school didn't exist that won't change no matter what you call it.


Dove's Rest said...

Hi Stephanie,
I'm only just starting to read about unschooling various books, but have found most things about it positive. I have to admit though before I started to research there was a pre-concieved idea I had. Thinking that I couldn't possibly leave my children to themselves! But I know that's not what unschooling is. It's about living life freely and together and following passions, amongst other things. I have alot more to discover yet, but I think you've given the word a positive rap. We are all unique and it's wonderful that we can nurture that.

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much Renelle!
Unschooling is awesome. My kids have always unschooled, they live and learn, it's as natural as breathing. They have never been stifled by teaching or schooling.
I am a whole hearted advocate for life learning :)

Me said...

People have schooling and educating confused. Its UNschooling not UNeducating. Its not that difficult to grasp, IMO.

marcia said...

So many people don't get it though.

Unschooling is being *more* involved with your children and being an equal partner in every aspect of life.

I think it has a bad rap from some who claim to be unschoolers because they Un-parent like you said. Unschooling is not a free-for-all to do what you want no matter what.

It's *just living life* in a community(the world)and living with the principles of respect, trust, choice and freedom.

happy day!