Friday, February 25, 2011

Lights Out

We had strong storms blow through here last night and some tornadoes in the area. We lost our power but that is all and I'm so thankful for that.

The kids were like what are we supposed to do? I'm bored. I can't play nintendo, watch a movie or get on the computer...

We lit some candles and hung out in the living room. They were goofing off, joking, playing around, talking.

Then they started reading books, kind of hard by candle...Except Brennan, he was the most bored and didn't want to look at a book.

They said they are so glad we aren't Amish, they would hate to be without power all the time.

We had no music, then Brenny grabbed his MP3 player, it only has 5 songs on it. So everyone wanted a turn listening, he actually charged Cassie .75 and she paid him...Oh gosh it was just so funny, but I guess you had to be there...

Then I went and dug up a Mad Libs and we did a few of those.

Next thing we knew it was 2 am and we all headed to our rooms to try and sleep.

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