Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Oil of Oregano Rocks!

My immune system is so much better! A couple years ago this virus would've kicked my ass for two weeks, instead two days!

My vitamin D levels must be improving! They were dangerously low 2 years ago and still low last July. That explains my long illnesses.

I was feeling like serious shit yesterday. I took 3 doses of Oil of Oregano 3 times for two days.
I'm feeling so much better!

I'm just tired and stuffed up, everything else is gone.
yeah we'll see what I  feel like in the morning!

Just had a long talk with Cassie, all sorts of questions...

Spanning from, Easter, God, dinosaurs, Jesus, big bang, monkeys, Mary, immaculate conception, Joseph, the cross,Adam and Eve, what do you believe, how do we know what is real,  faith...holy shit we covered a lot of ground!

I answered my best and talked about how glad I am that she has these questions and how I want her to form her own opinion and beliefs.

Cassie and I had an awesome conversation!

Life Rocks!
Keep it Real...
Jared is working on his gear for  his BMX outfit...

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