Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Pet

They went fishing and brought home a turtle. This is Delila, she is a red-eared slider

We kept her in a plastic bowl for 2 days and our friends gave us an aquarium that they didn't need.

She is now in her own 20 gallon tank and she loves it. Cassie just asked if they can go back to the lake and get another one so she won't be lonely.

This is our other aquarium, it has been housing the cocoons for a few weeks now.
I posted the caterpillars last month.
Who knows maybe someday we'll actually use them for fish. This one used to have fish in it, it is a 55 gallon tank.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Lisa :: Sharp

  2. Hope :: Faith, Hope, Love

  3. Irene :: good night Irene

  4. Tony :: the tiger

  5. Anna :: banana

  6. Dolly :: Parton

  7. Laura :: Ingalls Wilder

  8. Debbie :: Jones

  9. Wilson :: Home Improvement

  10. Paula :: Dean

  11. All names this week, that is interesting.
    Want to play?
    Luna Nina

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unschool article/chores

My friend Joanne posted an unschooling article and it was a good piece but one thing stood out to both of us.

The kids had required chores every morning before they could get on with their day.

I know some people just unschool academics which really makes no sense to me.

We live and learn.

We don't have arbitrary rules and chores.

Here's my take on it.

If someone required me to do x,y and z before I could get on the computer I would be mad to say the least.

I get up and I check my email while I have my coffee. My friends live in my computer, I love my computer.

I have grown close to many people and we keep up with each other daily. If I don't hear from someone in a couple days, I'll email them and make sure they are ok.

Our kids have a life too.
It could be their video game, or tv show, or they want to go outside, or play with a friend or whatever they like to do when they get up.

Nobody should be *required* to do anything upon waking.

What a way to start each day, dreading a chore or moping around because you HAVE to do something before you can get on with your life.

I'll do the dishes and laundry when I am ready, it could be 3pm or 10pm, does it really matter? Is there some law that says dishes shall be done before playing?

Heck, now if it's nice out I get my butt outside for fresh air and sunshine, dishes can wait.

I wasn't always this easy, I am a compulsive, control freak, I used to clean before going out. I used to make sure all the dishes were done before I went to bed. Who wants to wake up to a sink full?

Life has it's way of happening and I have been on crutches for 6 weeks. My kids have been doing the dishes. Dishes aren't that high on a kids priority list until there aren't any clean ones and they want a bowl of cereal. Then they wash a bowl and spoon so they can eat, they they think hey maybe it's time to wash some dishes.

I'm not saying let things go and pile up, I'm just saying change your perspective and don't let household tasks take over your life.

I personally don't mind dishes or cleaning in general but I have learned to let go and just go with the flow.

Back to kids and chores.

I just don't believe in assigning chores to kids or adults.

We live together, we work together, let's just do what needs to be done.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Again :: I'm falling apart again and I can't find the way to make amends. (Shinedown, Shed some Light)

  2. Shower :: I love a hot shower
  3. Flirting :: with disaster

  4. Moving on :: moving on up (Jeffersons)
  5. Rachel :: Ray

  6. Chips :: and dip

  7. Texting :: I suck at texting

  8. Feel better :: I want to feel better

  9. Cashmere :: Led Zepplin

  10. Sucked :: school sucked the love of learning out of me as a child

  11. Luna Nina

Monday, May 04, 2009

When children explode

I'm sure every child has exploded a time or two but some kids explode from birth.

My precious little boy is the explosive type, he screamed from 1-4 am the first few weeks of his life.

You think by the time you have 4 kids you got it all down pat. Surprise! Each child is unique, while they may have similarities to your other kids they are their own person.

Jared has stretched my parenting to heights I never knew existed. He has shown me his unique perspective and caused me to become a better parent than I thought I was.

I have been consciously practicing not getting emotionally involved or affected by his outbursts.
This has happened over the course of the years he has been here.

I am doing very well separating myself, my issues, the tapes in my head that I've been fed and the things that kids *should* or *shouldn't* say or do.

I fall short once in awhile, usually if I'm tired or hormonal but overall I am able to separate my reaction from his behaviour.

I encourage you to stop the tapes in your head and just be present with your child. Look at that litttle person.

What caused the upset?

Look at how they are flailing their tiny bodies.

Listen to their crys.

Let them get it out.

Put yourself in their position.

Do not take it personally or as a reflection on you because quite frankly it has nothing to do with you.

Try really hard to relate and empathize while just being there for them in whatever capacity they need.

I have found that in Jared's case he needs to get it out and then he is calm and usually comes over and leans on me to get a hug.

We can't let ourselves get caught up in the heat of the moment and be bothered by what they are saying or by their anger.

It is so important to feel what you feel in a safe environment.

I suspect if I had been allowed I wouldn't need therapy as an adult to deal with my childhood.