Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby bird

Here he is today, we found the eggs on April 1st. He will be ready to fly away soon. This is so cool, we have never witnessed the hatching to the flying. The kids check on him everyday.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


There has been a huge influx of media attention lately, unfortunately it's mostly negative. It paints unschoolers as neglectful parents whose kids will grow up to be failures.

I don't have all of the links and I don't really care to link them. Anyone who is on the internet lately has seen them for sure.

I don't want unschooling in the mainstream media. The masses are dumbed down, in the box and  indoctrinated. They can't even fathom that there are choices to be made. They see public school as the end all and be all to life. You can't possibly amount to anything if you aren't forced to be in prison for 12 years. You must be told what to do and what to think. We can't have free thinking people pursuing their own interests running amok.

We usually talk about what unschoolers don't do. We live as if school didn't exist. No grades, no tests, no curriculum, no forced lessons, no school period. We also don't follow arbitrary rules and limits imposed on us just for obedience.

We live and learn period! We do not need school, school is an artificial place that is never replicated in real life. Why people are so gung ho to say that school prepares you for life is beyond me.

We are living in the real world now, children are people now. They deserve to be treated as such. They deserve freedom to learn and grow and change and be who they are now, not what we think they should be in the future.

My friend Frank said *Unschoolers Do what they want*

Simple, yet true.

We learn about the world by living in it. We follow our interests wherever they may lead. We are happy, whole people just living our lives as if school didn't exist.

If that threatens you then you need to examine that and not put a negative spin on how we live because you don't have a clue.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nature in our yard

This nest is in a bush in our front yard.

Here one egg hatched.This is one week later.
It's amazing how fast they grow. The mama leaves and comes back, she watches us from the roof. We pose no threat to her and her babies. We are waiting for the other eggs to hatch.

Monday, April 19, 2010

No school?

I've often thought of what it would be like if there were no school. What would people do with their kids? Would they actually make different choices? Better choices? Be more responsible?

Makes me wonder...

Society has been ingrained with the indoctrination of the public school system. The main point of the system is to control the masses. We can't have free thinking people out and about all day deciding what to to with their time.

The system is government daycare at best. People can't wait to unload their kid so they don't have to be responsible for them.

If this sounds harsh, tough, it's how I feel, what I think from years of observing parents.

Yes, there are some great involved parents who still send their kids to school. Why? I have no idea.

Having to work is no excuse. There are many single parent homeschoolers and many dual working parents. Be creative, find a way to work so your kids don't have to be put in school.

I actually don't think teaching should be a profession. Look at what it is today. Teachers have to follow the school boards orders. Now they are pushing more and more  testing and teachers being compensated by student test scores.

That is absolutely ridiculous!

Tests are meaningless, degrading and harmful. They have no measure of true knowledge, some people are great test takers and can bullshit through even though they don't know the answers.

The system is seriously flawed and politicians think more money and more standards are the answer.
Well it isn't the answer. It doesn't work! The system is broken and has been for as long as I can remember, it's just getting worse.

More and more people are homeschooling these days but so many never will.

Schools as we know them should be banned. They should be some sort of cooperative learning center where people can choose what they want to learn, how and when. Of course this would mean being responsible and trusting people. There needs to be some sort of option for those that would never homeschool.

This will not happen anytime soon because people are used to being controlled, coerced, punished and rewarded.

I believe that too many people just don't think about the fact that the school system owns their kids. Kids deserve to grow and learn and be free to choose and be respected as people.

Kids do not belong in school wasting away their precious youth and being forcefed useless facts to regurgitate on demand.

Learning is natural and not something that needs to be forced. We don't need to be taught how to read and write, we can and do learn without instruction.

In this age of the internet, information is a click away, we can find out anything we want, we can learn about anything we want. School is an outdated institution.

Schooling takes away the natural ability, it makes learning a chore and something that has to be taught by a master.

School is damaging our youth, look around you.

I wish people would wake up!

I wish parents were responsible and respectful.