Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun in the mud

Jared says, "Hey mom playing in the mud is fun, did you play in the mud when you were a kid?"

I told him I did, but then he said, "But you don't anymore."

It's great to be a kid :)


Hilaree said...

Hi Stephanie! Feistygirl and I love mud too. You're so lucky that its warm enough there that Jared can be out in a t-shirt getting all filthy. WWWAAAAHHHH! It still looks like the frozen tundra here in NH. Thanks for saying you miss me at RCU - I may rejoin in the future - it just took up too much of my time currently. Peace to you, sweet thing!

Heather said...

Mud is fun! My three spent part of the afternoon rolling around in the mud yesterday--red Oklahoma mud, stains everything! But, the kids still think it's fun.

justjuls said...

That is so fun!
I hope you didn't let him break any city ordinances! :) hardy har har.

He is so cute.

Penny said...

So did you go play in the mud with him??

Tina said...

wow, that brings to mind snerdley. we have to bathe him down almost every time he goes out to pee.

Sarah said...

That's way cool fun! If I did that as a child, I would have been spanked big time.

Tina, why bother to go somewhere else to pee if he was already all-muddy! Heehee.