Monday, March 03, 2008

A trip to the zoo

Here is JW1 and JW2 on the merry -go- round.

Kate and Cassie.

We had beautiful weather yesterday so we decided to go to the zoo, well apparantly everyone else in the greater Nashville area had the same idea. I have never seen so many people there, it was so packed.

We ran into some friends and had a good time, I got to see my girls too, they need a bath :)


Jenny said...

What fun!

I was just thinking I hadn't seen many photos on your blog recently ... oh, wait, or was I thinking *I* hadn't posted many pictures on *my* blog lately?? Whatever!

Sarah said...

I have mix emotion about animals in captivity. Good thing we now live 3 hours away from one so it's not as tempting that kids may like to visit. It sure looked like a fun excursion. We too have amazing SPRING weather...the kids even planted cilantros and parsley this afternoon.

justjuls said...

Okay - be honest - how long did you stay at the elephants?
You have GOT to meet my friend Keet
She loves elephants.
She used to freak out when the circus came to town over how they were treated. I think she tried to free one.

Tina said...

Gosh, how much fun!!! And in the middle of winter! Glad you guys are able to get and enjoy it.

Tina said...

That should've said get OUT.

But you can get (too).