Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kids say...math

Tonight Cassie and I were playing Rummy, we don't usually keep score because she is still getting the hang of it. We have played on and off for a few months, she does really good.

She wanted to keep score tonight, so she was writing down the numbers and I showed her how to line up the columns. She has added like this before but she forgot because it's been awhile. Anyway, I asked her what the amounts were and showed her where to write them.

She has been playing with a couple girls that live down the road this week. She said that sometimes they play math games, I asked her what she meant.

She said you know like 1+1+=2 and 3+3=6. Then she goes, mom they don't even know what 100+100 is, because they go to school, they don't learn anything at school.

I just giggled and said well...just make sure you don't tell them that.


justjuls said...

I LOVE it!
I wish we lived close enough to play cards with you and Cassie - it would be so fun!

Sarah said...

I was in my knitting guild yesterday morning. The organizer asked about our way of schooling and commented that she was glad to learn about American History in school and how important it was for her to have the her 9-year-old son would too. Ahhhhh.

It was so obvious that people there just don't get it. Thankfully for me, they were distracted by something else and I moved on quickly. They weren't ready for such liberating concept.

Our math lessons are in baking of late...plenty of language art, critical thinking, math, time management, science learning in the process. Isn't learning GRAND!

Anonymous said...

lol...too funny :0) We are doing an interview at the moment for a grad student doign a study on homeschoolers...DSJ9 wanted to say school-kids were all dumb, but I tried to temper him a littler...this is what he said

a. Do you think other children who don’t homeschool learn more than you or less than you?

Probably less, because it’s school and you can’t do whatever you want. If someone can do whatever they want they will learn faster- but if they’re forced to learn what someone else wants them to learn, they learn slower…and then when you’re 9, you’re pretty dumb, instead of probably the smartest kid that mum and dad can think of.

Me said...

My kids have learned and understood a lot of math while baking with me. I once (a couple years ago) found a quiz online (for 7th graders) about measurements used in the kitchen. Just for fun, I asked them of Noelle and she got them all correct! She was way ahead of the curve and without a textbook, lol.

Tina said...

I adore the comment...don't tell. You and I are so much alike. So awesome. Way to go Cassie.