Saturday, March 15, 2008

We have a tub

We have lived here almost 2 years and never had the use of the 2nd bath. Jason just fixed the tub and it is finally ready to be used.

See the nice hole.

It is finished and I will be taking my first bath in my new tub tonight :)

WOOHOO!!!! I love my mr. fix-it :)


justjuls said...

Hey - tell Jason we need a new tub too! :)
But nobody is likely to step through our ceilings beings how they are made of wood. Our whole house is wood.

Sarah said...

Send him over anytime. My Mr. ½ can't fix a thing...bathroom is still running water. Only way for that to put a stop to it would be for me to visit my reliable HOME DEPOT. I may do just that today!

THANK YOU for your kind words of wisdom and comfort. I am not totally out of my slump yet but getting there. THANK YOU for being here for me.

Tina said...

awesome. tub baths are nice. cool for you...since you love them so.