Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Homicide :: CSI (I love CSI all 3 of them I'm jonesing hard, I just found out they will be back on in April)

  2. Divisive :: Homeschool/Unschool, Christianity/Churchianity, Socialists/Libertarians

  3. Flash :: Lightning

  4. Steaming :: Tea Kettle (especially when I forget I'm heating water)

  5. Crunch :: chips

  6. Look out! :: The shit's gonna hit the fan!

  7. Anticipating :: Waiting, wanting, impatience

  8. Slim :: Me at 16

  9. Navel :: Fuzzy (I do not do peach anything since I was 16 and had a really bad experience)

  10. Help :: That is what I TRY to do, help others do better, be better, think better than they are at this moment.

  11. Luna Nina


Sarah said...

It makes me chuckle on FUZZY PEACH. Last summer, we went and picked peaches at a local farm when visiting MIL. My oldest daughter carries peaches in her t-shirt. She had instant itchy reaction that made her skin crawls whenever she thinks of peaches. I don't think she will have one ever again--lets hope not because there is just great nutritoinal value in them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your comments! Your one of my mom's very good blog friends, right? And you unschool? Awesome!