Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Something my dad said...

I called my dad tonight to talk and wish him Merry Christmas, we talked for 1 1/2 hours, we haven't spoke since Father's day.

He actually mentioned more than once how he hasn't heard from me in a long time, I did email him a link to pics that he never got

We don't talk much, it's hard, we are soooo different BUT I do try to keep in touch.

He said something that has been bothering me all night, I usually let things roll off my back but this one is sticking.

He said that my kids spend too much time with me and that I need to farm them out.

I just danced around that and really internalized it.
I did NOT have kids to FARM THEM OUT!!!!!! Hello!!!! He is a PS teacher if that helps.

He respects my choices and does not cause trouble but his comments do get to me on occasion.


NO farming out, no Public School, NO shit!!!!!

Ok I feel much better now and my kids are happy :)


kelli said...

My parents were just here and I had to bite my tongue several times, it's tricky isn't it? Sometimes I don't stay quiet but for the holidays I try and just think that they are doing their best. It's very hard though!

Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

Is he worried about you, do you think? I know people say things like that to me when they're worried that I can't handle everybody, and/or I'm getting too much stress. My mother seems to think all my medical problems would go away if my kids were in school.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of what my BIL said to DH. He told DH our kids are "protected". DUH!! If I wasn't going to protect them, I'd have just left them out in the snow when they were born. That's what I've said ever since they were born...I didn't go through the pain of giving birth just to hand them over to someone else to raise!
Paige (RCU)

Anonymous said...

Fortunately for us my mom, dad, grandparents and many of my nine siblings were on board for our homeschooling journey. Mostly those who were skeptics and gave us the most grief were those working in the public schools. Our decision to homeschool was a vote of no confidence to their livelihood and they took it personally. As many times as my dad and I communicated and said 'I love you' over the years it was never enough. Tell him you love him and tell him often. He's the only dad you'll ever get. Let the children dote on him and communicate with him in an avalanche of cards, letters, emails or calls. He will be less likely to debate the issue of homeschooling with them. Even if he does, arm the children with the information necessary to debate with him on even turf. If the children are still young grandpa won't begin to see any real signs of progress until they are older but for now he'll realize they are better able to socialize with him than public school children could ever do. Good luck!