Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why don't you work?

My 5 yr old neighbor asked me today.

I stay home and take care of my kids, I don't leave them with a babysitter.

Why don't you get a babysitter? Why don't you send your kids to school?

My mom likes to work...she quit her other job but she likes her new one.

I told her that I'm not sure how to explain it to her that I choose not to work, I choose to stay home and I choose not to send my kids to school.

Today they were faced with getting off the school bus to no parents home, AGAIN! It is probably a God send that I don't have a car right now because what would happen to these kids if I wasn't home...

They are having scheduling issues, I did tell their dad that I would rather they come to my house then be home alone. The thing is I never know what day that will be...

It's a good thing that I care... It's a God thing!

Part of my gift to others, I am good at taking care of kids and don't usually mind, I always have extra kids here.


kelli said...

We used to live in a neighborhood with lots of houses close to each other. We constantly had kids at our house. Now we live in a more secluded area and no kids come over. I really miss it. We love it when we get visitors, so much happiness. :)

Sarah said...

I had a mom just like you when I was growing up in Hong Kong. Both of my parents worked. Mom is gone from 8 to 5 at a construction site. Dad's out working in the days and gambled in the nights. When we're sick, in those days, teachers did not call parents to get the kids, we walked home ourselves (no bus to take either!) and go to this wonderful neighborhood mom's and laid in her bed (just a piece of plywood cover with some sheets as I recalled!) This is one of the GOOD LIVES I pondered back to when I'm sad.

SAHM or SAHD does WORK. In fact, it's a 24X7 job that never ends. We just don't get the monetary compensation others do. Our reward of course is priceless. For years, dh was a SAHD. I was always envied of his times spent with our kids. At times, I didn't want to hear what they did that day because I missed all the fun and magical moments!

Stephanie, you're making the GOOD LIVES and MEMORIES for those kids in absence of their parents. You're a gift from God and will be rewarding.

I better get off the computer to get ready to a theatrical performance in an hour. Sending possible vibes from me to you.