Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trying to go to bed

Is an absolutely insane proposal in this house. I have tried in the past to turn us around, just a little earlier. I am a night owl, I don't do mornings, apparantly so are my children.

I mean we unschool, we are free, we can sleep when we want, right!

Just once in awhile we have a thing to do that would make a need for us to get going sooner than usual.

I try once in awhile to go to bed early say around 2am, no I'm not kidding.

Jason says I need to do it every night for several nights, I know he is right but it just doesn't happen.

So.. I have an appointment tomorrow at 2 pm (well today I guess)

I suppose for most people that sounds pretty easy. I am sitting here blogging at 3:30am which is pretty typical and I just put Cassie to bed. She is so much like me in the sleeping department, it will be no easy task to wake her by noon. I don't sleep more than a few hours at a time so I can get up, doesn't mean I want to or am rested just means I can.

I don't believe in forcing bedtimes(duh) we never do things in the morning and that is by my choice. Hallelujah, I finally have a choice! All of those years being forced to get up for school even though I just went to sleep totally sucked. My nighttime habits have not changed, even when I went to school, I was sent to bed but did not fall asleep until the middle of the night.

Even on the nights I go to bed at 1am I'm not asleep until 4 am and then I wonder why the hell I went to bed in the first place.


Well I'll quit blabbering so I can go to bed.


moonflowerdragon said...

Ah Stephanie ^^

I waver between struggling and not with our own night hours. My two sons and I are also up at those hours of the night/morning (in Australia). They find game companions more easily at those times. A few years ago we were abed much earlier and I miss the resulting early mornings.

It seems we don't sleep as soundly or as refreshingly when we go to bed so late - I certainly find it harder to get to sleep the later I go to bed... and yet we don't want to stop what we're doing to go to bed.

We've decided it might be nice to try a planet with a 28-30 hour day, to see if our sleep/wake pattern might work better there. :)

Grace Walker said...

Man, can I ever relate!! My usual bedtime is between 2am-3am but I'm good with 8 hours sleep, which means I'm usually up somewhere in the 10am-11:30 range.