Monday, December 03, 2007


What to do with blocks of wood? Make a sniper rifle, of course. He isn't finished yet, he plans on painting it and modifying it, so this is the beginning.

Small rant... You see all of these news stories about kids and guns, I saw one where a 6 yr old got suspended for drawing a stick figure with a gun.
My gosh because that is soooo threatening. My boy here has many drawings of guns, he is very interested in war history and he knows his stuff.
No threat just interests and learning going on here :)


Erica said...

Very Cool!! My son wants to know what he used to hold it all together.

Anonymous said...

Come and play the Week in Review blog tag with me!

I'm not sure if it is obvious what to do! c0mE pLaY! :0)

Jenny said...

I agree about the gun thing. I remember a few years ago a neighbor being very stern with her four year old son because he was running around outside pretending a stick was a gun. Makes no sense to me.

Deanne said...

Your son is so cute and creative!

Anonymous said...

That looks heavy!
I was reading about bomb threats in a local school in the paper today, and they said, "they (bomb threats) aren't considered a zera-tolerance offense". SO, you can call in a bomb threat, but can't draw a picture of a gun, or accidentally bring a plastic knife to school. Uh huh.