Sunday, December 02, 2007

Profile picture (opinions please)

There is story here :)

What should be a simple task turned into an ordeal, all I wanted was a little head shot for my profile pic. I asked Kieran to take a picture of me, something was wrong with the camera and they were ALL blurry.

We tried fixing it but just couldn't get it right, he started rolling his eyes and acting like I was torturing him. So after Jason got home he fixed the settings and took several pictures of me, we found it was better if I didn't know he was taking it. We got some really goofy shots, let me tell you.

I really don't like any pictures of me, so I'm asking for your opinion, these are a few of the better shots. This has nothing to do with vanity, I told Jason that what I see in the mirror and what I look like on camera are not the same. I don't really like what the camera does to me :)

I do like one of these shots but I won't tell you which one.
If you feel so inclined to give your opinion I would appreciate it. If not I'll figure it out, LOL!


justjuls said...

My favorite shots are the top one and the bottom one! How's that?
I like the smiling ones -
You're so cute -
The only picture I've ever seen of you is the with your kids on the couch that you said was a couple years old - so it is nice to see some new ones!

Anonymous said...

I like the last two best.
You're like me...I HATE pictures of myself. ; )

Jenny said...

I like the bottom one the best. The third from the top is cute too. Now all I need is a recording of your voice so I can "hear" you when I read your stuff! :)

Sarah said...

I vote for the last one. I am usually the amateur photographer so it's rare to get a shot of myself...and I don't mind that a bit.

kelli said...

I love the bottom one, both your smile and the colors.

Deanne said...

I like the third and the last the best. Nice smiles. ;)

Penny said...

The last one is most natural. I can "hear" you. :)
Lighten it just a bit.

Stephanie said...

I have to tell you guys this is funny, remember what I said about the mirror? I was looking into the mirror and dh snapped that last shot, we should have cleaned it off first, all those spots, LOL!
Thanks everyone, I can lighten it on the main computer and see how it looks.

Anonymous said...

I like #3 and is cool to see a photo of you- I have had this picture in my mind, and I was very wrong, lol...not in a bad way- I just think I had super-imposed the picture of a Stephanie I know irl on to you. I HATE pictures of me too, sigh.

Schuyler said...

I like the last photo the best, you seem the most relaxed there. The lighting isn't great, but you look much more comfortable in that picture.

There are very few pictures of me that I like that aren't when I'm aware that I am being photographed. As soon as I "smile for the birdie" the photo is too stiff, too aware of my second chin, too stilted. Sigh...

Grace Walker said...

I like the last one the best too Stephanie. :o)

piscesgrrl said...

I'm coming in way late (I'm horribly behind in catching up on my favorite blogs - sigh) but I also like the first and last. The last is the most natural, just tweak the lighting.

But you never said which one YOU liked best and why?

I find it's best to wait until that good hormonal day when you're feeling really happy and centered, you have on your favorite sweater, that day when you think "today would be a good day for company!" or "let's go do something!" and then take pictures. Your great outlook and mood will shine through!