Friday, December 21, 2007


What to do about the fighting? I mean one minute they play together and are the best of friends the next minute is fighting and name calling.

I look back at my own childhood and I see the same thing, we fought and argued but then we stood up and protected each other.

Some people say we never blog about anything negative, well how fun is that? But there is reality and it seems no matter how hard I try my kids argue and call each other names and sometimes hit/kick.

I just had to referree an incident between Cassie and Jared and I'm worn out. I feel like a broken record some days. I know they do hear me because the fruits show up later it's just during the process that it's difficult to see sustained progress.

Actually Cassie and Jared have also been playing a lot together lately and getting along, all it takes is one stupid thing to set it off.

Here's something cute, last week when Cassie was at Girl Scouts, Jared came to me and said, *Mom, this is so stupid...I miss Cassie*

So there you have it the love/hate relationship of siblings.

As Jason would say they love to hate each other.

I know it's a process of growing and learning and developing, I give my input and I pray that they will learn how to get along. They do for the most part, I guess it's in these moments of turmoil it seems to fall on deaf ears. They show me time and again that they are listening and processing the information, it's just not in my time frame.

But then not much is in *my time frame* LOL!

Live and Learn, gotta love it, the journey is priceless.


kelli said...

yep, it goes back and forth here too. It takes a lot of patience on everyone's part.

Stace and kids said...

I was talking about this to Hannah10 and she said "well you know I don't have much patience."
Cute and fairly accurate. LOL
Something we're working on!

But when they are apart they'll both readily admit to missing each other (especially Darcy8). It's beautiful.
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Our's are just the same Stephanie...I thought, maybe, it was only us! They love each other, people comment all the time how wonderfully they play together, and how much they obviously enjoy each other (some even attribute it to home education- which I am sure is the major contributor)...but sometimes there are tears, and screams, etc.
Merry Chrsitmas from me too ;0)

Anonymous said...

That was meant to be a :0) not a ;0) I really should proofread more ;0)