Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Words are just words until they mean something to someone. We can get so hyped up over bad, cuss, swear, foul words, what do you call it?

It's really interesting when you think about what different words mean to different people. Some words also have different meanings here in the US than in other countries.

Several years ago my everyday language consisted of many words that could be dubbed *swear* words. Then I became *holier than thou*, remember that post... I didn't even swear for ten years, man that was hard, LOL! You can bet I looked down my nose at others who did, especially *christians*

I have gone back to my roots in so many ways, this is just one more. I'm not saying that I walk around swearing every other word but I do use words when appropriate and yes sometimes it's *appropriate*

My son has given me a PG-13 rating with the occasional R thrown in, one day I was so pissed after talking to some *idiot* on the phone that had no brain, I told Kieran to plug his ears cause I was gonna blow!!! LOL! He laughed at me and he plugged his ears, too funny.

I don't know about you but to me the *F* word is ...


I can't believe I'm writing this...

it's FART.

Oh my gosh I wrote it, that word is FOUL to me!

Yea I know you are laughing, it's ok, really, I can handle it.


justjuls said...

It is pretty funny - and you are right - it is based on the listener. I have friends who have been shocked and horrified because we say FART with abandon - and think it is hilarious to hear them say poot or toot or whatever, because it is referring to the same thing!
Anyway - I have always struggled with language - having two parents that swore constantly - like sailors growing up - but when I hear my kids mirror the language or attitudes - it bugs me - so for their sakes I work on it.
Anyway - I have often wondered at who made the list of what the "bad" words were. You can hear somebody say "oh pooey" with the same heart as "oh sh*t" - it is just that culturally it is unacceptable to spout off the words on "the list". Isn't the heart the most important thing? Not in our society - it is the appearance.
Anyway - on and on to say this - one thing that does bug me is I got onto some blogs where their only adjectives were what is considered "profanities" - and honestly - I think we can be more intelligent than that. To me they are words that express passion or depth of feeling, but really have no depth at all. I would like to broaden my vocabulary.
Interesting thoughts this morning.
PS - hope you are feeling better my friend!

Stace and kids said...

Well I don't particularly like the word fart either.....I encourage my kids to say parp. Saying that though, I actually swear quite a lot and have recently relaxed my views on my two swearing (as long as it's not being mean to someone and is in the right place). It's hilarious to hear them sometimes....I heard my DS8 come up with a goody the other day - shitarse! (hope I don't offend anyone!) but that cracked me up. And surprisingly (or not?) when they are allowed to do it, they invariably don't. Just my 2 cents for the morning. : )

Stephanie said...

I have seen some blogs where they were spouting profanities also, it's not impressive, I hear ya. I don't talk like that, but when I need to use a particular word I use it :)

piscesgrrl said...

I tend to use colorful language at times. Once I told my kids it's just another word, but some people don't appreciate it so it's just best to know when not to use it, there was no glamour attached. I've heard a few from my older son but nothing major. I didn't flinch, and he doesn't do it much.

When it (or anything) becomes the forbidden fruit, it immediatley becomes more attractive, especially to anyone seeking more control over themselves, more freedom.

And i really don't like the word f*rt either. For some reason, it sounds very crude to me!

Anonymous said...

That's SO funny!
People certainly have different reactions to "their" words. My girls are funny that oldest cannot stand to hear "oh my God!" and my youngest can't stand "heck". lol
The thing with my youngest just came out a couple weeks ago (I don't know if it just has started bothering her, or what)but they were outside playing with my sister's kids and my youngest kept coming in the house needing to re-connect with me, so after twice I went outside with her to see what was the matter, and it was that her cousin was saying, "heck", and it upset her every time he did it.
; )
Paige (RCU)