Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Giving and receiving

They say (whoever *they* are) that it is better to give then to receive. I understand the concept but that doesn't make the one on the receiving end feel that great. We all give and we all receive one is not better then the other.

We have been in a position many times that we have been on the receiving end. I posted just a couple months ago how we just made it through a very tough time. We have been talking about being sick of being on the receiving end and hoping that soon we will have the ability to give.

Giving comes in many forms, it's not just monetary, it can be giving time or service as well. In those times that we know someone in need and aren't able to do anything physical we can always pray that God will provide someone who can help.

I have also realized that when someone gives we aren't supposed to pay them back. You know the feeling you have if someone gives you money or helps you out in some way, you want to pay them back. I think that instead we need to pay it forward, we need to help another in their time of need.

Of course we are thankful to those that help us but we shouldn't feel obligated. I believe it is best to give from the heart without ulterior motives or strings attached. God loves a cheerful giver.

It is hard not to feel like we owe them but I believe it is part of the giving and receiving process. One gives then another then another and so many people get help when needed because one person stepped out. I do believe that what comes around goes around and I believe that everything has a purpose.

The giver and receiver are both blessed and are able to keep the process going. If you look back over times of hardship or abundance I believe that you will see where the giving and receiving happened.

The Lord has layed it heavy on my heart tonight, we are blessed to give and to receive.


Deanne said...

What a beautiful post, Stephanie. I agree that it's sometimes overlooked how graciously receiving from others can be a gift to the giver too.

(BTW, I really like your new picture. It's nice to come here and see your cheery smile.)

Jenny said...

This is a good post. I have felt this way a lot too.

I know a lot of times I'll tell my mother about a gift or card or something I received, and she'll tell me, "Well, now you need to reciprocate." I hate that way of thinking; that would mean giving someone a gift is basically saying, "Okay, now you need to give me something."