Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part of the experience

So last night Jason asked us if we wanted to drive to a dark road and watch the meteor showers.

It was after midnight and we hopped in the van and went driving.

The clouds started rolling in and we got a little discouraged, kept driving further to find a clear spot.

We finally pulled off the road and parked on the side, the clouds were dissipating and the moon was shining bright.

We saw a few meteors but the moon was so bright it was very difficult.

Then the voices started...

I'm tired
I'm hungry
I have to go to the bathroom
my neck hurts
when are we leaving
I want to go home...

Kieran blurts out *it's all part of the experience*

A la Chevy Chase, we use that phrase often on our family outings, it's always something, we are very real about it.

We got home about 1:15 am and all was well :)


Mandy said...


Right here dad.


Andrea said...

I tried to get my boys out of bed to watch with me, but they just fell back to sleep. I ended up in my sleeping bag on my deck having such a lovely time by myself. It was not the sharing thing I had envisioned, but it was just part of my experience!

Cap'n Franko said...

Experiences are good. Mostly.

A coupla decades ago I was climbing Mt. Rainier with some friends during this time period. Wathcing the meteor shower at altitude in our bivisacks with no ambient light interfering was exquisite.

anna kiss said...

I saw the showers from the car on a return trip from Chicago.

I'll need to remember that phrase. I think I shall write it down. Thanks!