Monday, May 12, 2008

Everyday is Mother's Day

It is for me anyway...

I know that everyday I am blessed because I am a mother, because I have children.

If you would have told me 17 years ago that I would have 4 kids I would've asked you what kind of drugs you were taking.

I spent most of my young life taking care of other people's kids and two of those were my siblings. I was already a *mother* and needed a break. I also was very career oriented and I didn't think a family would fit in.

I wanted my Hotel and I had my goals and expectations and plans set, there wasn't going to be kids. I knew that one career was it I could not give my all to both.

I also had endometriosis and didn't think I could have babies. I begged for a hysterectomy but they don't routinely do that to 19 yr olds.

So after I went to college awhile I changed my mind and I had to have a baby.
No easy task but what in my life has been easy????

So after drug induced menopause twice and fertility drugs I have four beautiful babies.

I am blessed and anyone who has a child is blessed, children are awesome.

Embrace the journey, embrace those children, they grow up way too fast.

Motherhood rocks!


justjuls said...

That's the kinda preachin' I don't mind listenin' to!

Sarah said...

I can't imagine what life is without our entrusted treasures. It's a blessing when one truly embraces such gift every day living.