Sunday, May 25, 2008

Girl time

Cassie needs me to take her shopping without Jared. Jared goes everywhere with me because he is still attached at the hip.

I can't remember the last time I went anywhere without a child, which is fine for the most part, where would I go?

So today Jason took him fishing and I took Cass shopping, she needed a bathing suit.

I also needed an outfit, my dad sent me $100 for my birthday. I don't know about you but I almost never actually spend my birthday money on me.


Usually the kids need something and I just wait for what I need.

We went to 5 stores today and I got a few outfits at Ross, I spent $48 on myself, woo hoo.

Cass got her suit and some shoes and Brenny's birthday is next week so I got him a couple things.

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justjuls said...

Yay for you and Cassie!