Thursday, January 03, 2008

My unsolicited advice of the day

Or night depending on when you read this :)

For those that may be sick of my hormonal rantings...well tough! This blog is about life and learning from it and that includes me. I always wonder is it still PMS when it's late!!! It just prolongs the process, hey at least my house is clean, yep, I've been nesting big time. It's probably more than my family can take though, I am in the cleaning mode.

So my advice is DON'Tcook while having PMS! That may sound odd but man I had a hell of a time making dinner. I told dh that at least we know I'm not pregnant because then I would be crying, bwhaaaa!!! Just so you know when I was preg with Kieran I burned a grilled cheese sandwich and bawled.

Tonight I decided to make breakfast for dinner, sounds easy enough, right? Not my specialty, I started with the syrup(we make our own) that went well, then I worked on home fries and pancakes. I had the wrong side on the griddle so it was the waffle side, with 8 pancakes you can't make waffles, LOL! I was so pissed, I scraped off what dough I could save and threw the rest away, wiped it off and tried to flip it, oh that was fun, it was hot and it didn't want to cooperate with me.

Then my home fries were mushy, so I put them in the oven, dh got home about then, right before I started the eggs. I was just uptight and thinking how stupid this was and that I shouldn't have bothered cooking...

Then we finally sat down to eat and everything was really good, dh and the kids loved it and I said I'm so glad it tastes good because the process was horrendous. Jason said sometimes it takes a tough process to heed good results(I'm paraphrasing but that was the jist)

Boy, isn't that the truth, it's the process that matters, whether painful or easy it's all in the journey, life is NOT a destination.

Just for the record, I CAN cook, but I only do it a few times a week, otherwise we just eat what we want. Once a week Omar cooks, he is our favorite pizza man in the area. I love pizza...yum...

I do not have that food of love thing, my dh does, that man can cook! I am too much of a perfectionist at times and just want things to go as planned and turn out right.

My whole life is that way, I want and expect one thing and a whole different thing happens but the outcome is still good.


mamastreasures said...


Tis good to read blog posts that make me laugh...

Hope you're feeling better today.


Sarah said...

Kids and dh hate when it's that time of the month (every 28 days!) I am impossible to be they say by ways they behave. We don't have a rule when you may have pancake...ds loves to have it all day if I feel like going through the PROCESS. Love that about our family and the lifestyle homeschooling has ignited our fuels and passions in live. ROCK ON!

Sarah (the other me)