Sunday, January 27, 2008


The best thing about PMS is that my house gets cleaned! YAY!!!
Today I was having a moment that has nothing to do with cleaning but with one of my child's emotional issues.

Jason got me aside and told me to get out of my panties, that is of course to unwad them :)

He played me one of my favorite songs and tried to get me to laugh. The whole time I kept telling him that I NEED to vacuum and clean the toilet. He said is this what has become of us you need to vacuum and clean the toilet????

I just lost it, I laughed so hard, I needed that, I need to just live and let go...
Then after I laughed my head off I said "can I go vacuum now?"

So I cleaned and it felt so good, man I love to vacuum... Yeah I know I'm twisted but it's all good.
Embrace those hormones they serve a purpose :)

I get intense, passionate, vocal, on my rants, on my soapboxes and I get a clean house. Oh and I'm pretty damn funny too!


Deanne said...

I guess I'm a freak too, because I love to vacuum. Once I get started, and add on the attachments, I have a hard time stopping. ;P

Colleen Paeff said...

I sure wish PMS had that effect on me!

piscesgrrl said...

I don't know if i LIKE to clean, or if I just like the house to BE clean.