Monday, January 28, 2008

About me 54, Unschooling 44

We have a bit of an imbalance here in my labels :)

Unschooling used to be the top label hands down, I guess I'm talking about myself too much.
Well you know the world revolves around Stephanie, NOT, LOL!!! I totally know it doesn't, like when I don't feel good stuff still needs my attention, the world does not stop when I'm sick or would be nice if it did once in awhile. Man I was sooo tired today and I had such a headache, I stayed up way too late, had a few drinks and absolutely no coffee for 3 days. Oh and I'm pre- menstrual, I bet you are glad you don't live with me :)

No, seriously all I wanted was a nap... Someday my kids may cut the cord but not yet, Jared can't go without touching me for 5 minutes, well either can Jason for that matter, ha ha!

I finally had a cup of coffee and it was SOOOOOO good, I'm a coffee addict I admit it. I do not remember how I went 10 months without coffee last year, I really did... I guess I'm too much of a wimp, by day 3 my head is pounding and I am not willing to withstand it YET. Thank God I don't have to give up wine :)

OK this was supposed to NOT be about me LOL!

Let's see my kids are awesome and they learn everyday, I know that is generic!

Kieran is my military buff, today he started a new online game and he also did some target practice because it was above freezing outside.

Brennan is working on his new Runescape guy I believe he is a Skiller, he had me switch him to a member.

Cassie plays on Club Penguin and talks to her friends on the phone and draws and uses her imagination... She plays with the piggies and always has very grown up questions to ask me. She is working on reading, I have been asking her what she thinks it says before I tell her because I have learned that she can read more than she thinks she can.

Jared reads, writes and never stops talking or creating or imagining or building.

I am learning about the election process and homeopathy and internet stuff and Jason was working on my bathroom today. I will definitely post more about that when I actually have a bathroom I can use. I will be queen again!!!


piscesgrrl said...

I don't think you're talking too much about yourself. I mean, really, unschooling is all about us, isn't it? ;-)

Ok, really. It's all about our own metamorphosis. There, that sounds better.


Anonymous said...

Have mercy on an old girl Stephanie! I love to read your blog but the blue on gray is killing me. :(

Anyway, at least you know I was here and keeping up with you and yours. ;-)