Sunday, January 20, 2008

It is freakin cold

I am freezing here in the south. It is 15 degrees and feels like 4, at least that is what they say. I don't think it matters, they could just say it's freakin cold.

At least it won't last too long, just another day. I do not like it cold, I hated winters in PA, months of cold and snow...yuck.

I need a nose warmer and a foot warmer and an everything in between warmer :)

I'll be taking a hot soak soon and ponder my thoughts...


Grace Walker said...

Agreed!!! It is here too, brrr, and I'm really, really not used to it after spending two winters in Yuma, Az. I hope your soak will warm you some. Look forward to your next post.

kelli said...

take comfort in knowing that it isn't -20 .... :P

yep, it waivered between that and -22 yesterday.

justjuls said...

It's even painfully cold in south Texas right now if that makes you feel better - which I know it doesn't!
BUT I have to admit too that it beats the freezing cold we used to have in WV that stayed and stayed and stayed and dumped snow and more snow. I can deal with a few freezing days compared to that.

Sarah said...

It was 10 on Wednesday...then warmed up to 50 next two days. Not sure what it is today as I have no desire to get out of bed cuddling with DS. Starting tomorrow, we are to drop down to single digit...good thing we are leaving for California tomorrow :o)

Enjoy the warm soak...with a glass of wine and chocolate strawberries!

Sarah (the other me)

Tina said...

much reason for me not to leave my recliner by the wood fire. a good book, tv programs, coffee, kitty in the lap and my kids. who needs anything else?
5 is our day time high.