Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kids Club

It's not what you think, or is it, how do I know what you think?

The neighbors were here today, we haven't seen them in a week, this is very rare. I thought maybe it was the cold weather.

I asked them where they have been after school and W said *kids club*, I'm like "What is that?"

It's an afterschool program where we get to do our homework and then play in the gym after everyone leaves. I said *OH really, is that fun* He said * Yeah I like it*
I was asking if it was everyday or just when his parents were at work. He told me it is some days and that his mom works at kids club now.

His mom has changed jobs 3 times in the past few months. I swear my personality is just screaming *STAY HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS WOMAN!!!!!!!

I know we all make choices but these kids go to school against their will, I have blogged about this before. I have not had an open door to say something and we are polar opposites in parenting. Jason lost it tonight, it was 52 degrees today the warmest it's been in a few weeks. Cassie wanted to play outside, it was like 6pm, J went home and came back and said that her mom said that she can't play outside because it's cold. BWHAA!!!!!! They can't play in the rain or get dirty either, and when it's hot, no sprinkler, can't get wet, dear God I may have to do laundry...

This was not supposed to be a rant on stupid parenting, I've done my share of those. But really folks is this logical, hell no! I am a logical person and stupid shit just doesn't fly with me. My husband is so much in line with me it is awesome !

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QavahYada said...

Thank you for your comment:-D
Maybe we are related...who knows? Haha!
I like the way you rant, hahaha...God knows I'm a ranter, myself!:-P