Saturday, January 19, 2008

I found it! Political nature

I found my birth certificate and my voter registration card!!! I only had to dig in my closet a little bit :) Of course I still need to actually go to the TN DMV with my proof of birth(like I'm not real) and my 2 forms of residence and my social security card and my PA license... to actually get my TN license. I can vote in the primary, I registered to vote in Oct 06, you don't need a TN license to register to vote, scary huh???

This post is a hodgepodge, I have had so many thoughts swirling through my head I hope I can get a few down. I want to thank all of you who have left comments, I appreciate you more than you know. It's also really good to know that unloading dirty dishes isn't that uncommon, LOL!
Sometimes I write and don't get any comments and I think I must have offended someone or did not relate to anyone.

I still have the business of deciding who to vote for. I really have never delved too much into politics but this election has me learning and researching.

If anyone wants to discuss issues I am open... to a point. I will not vote for a socialist. BUT I still love you bloggers who lean liberal, I mean you unschool and I read what you write :) I will not be swayed in that direction.

I am actually a Libertarian, I want very little government, I do not want to lose any more civil liberties. Our freedoms have been stripped so gradually, it is ridiculous, there are many republicans used to the handouts now. Oh the government will take care of me, I'm entitled. Bullshit!!! We have not had health insurance for at least 4 years now, we can't afford it. We barely survive on one income BUT I do not want the government giving me hand outs. We can help each other, we can help ourselves, we have the power within us for greatness. NO more dumbing down, no more public schooling, no more entitlements, get off your ass and do something.

Not that it really matters but my mom was a single mom who worked two jobs to support 3 kids. I heard some comment the other day maybe Huckabee said it about appealing to the single moms. My mother did everything in her power to keep us off of welfare, we did need it for a short period of time but that is what it is designed for, a stepping stone. Anyway my mom has never voted liberal to my knowledge. My dad on the other hand is as liberal as they come :)

I am all for abolishing the IRS and the NEA, lets get rid of the ACLU too. I don't believe in speed limits or drinking ages, am I scaring you now??? I think that schools should be like libraries, I believe that people should be responsible for their own actions.

The Government has no right to tell me how to educate my kids or tell me which lightbulbs to use or to take away my right to buy health supplements... Just to name a few. There are many issues these days that should not be federal issues such as abortion, health care and education. I will not vote for the RINO's (republican in name only) either... That leaves two candidates and I keep learning what I can about them and will continue to educate myself.

I hope that everyone is educating themselves and not just believing one source for anything.
This is who I am, I do not take anything at face value, I will find out the truth I will not be swayed otherwise.

I'm tired.


justjuls said...

You aren't scaring me - but you made me think about some things I hadn't really thought about.
Ron Paul was the only candidate that at least USED TO be libertarian.
With the choices we have right now - how would you vote?
All the liberal candidates want national health care - and maybe I read it wrong - are you against that?
Do you consider it a handout?
I think it might be more putting our tax dollars to some use here instead of fighting foreign wars.

I love the discussion - keep your thoughts coming.

Grace Walker said...

Stephanie, this is one of your most powerful posts that I've read, in my opinion. I respect how real you are and definitely agree!! I, too am Libertarian. I love who you are and am so glad you're my friend.

I agree with Julie...please keep your thoughts coming.

Sarah said...

We are like you, no health insurance for years and we are perfectly fine. We don't wait in line for handout even when we qualify for and paid for with our tax monies. To make the change you speak off, it would require another civil war. But, it won't happy in our lifetime.

Some friends of our were so fed up with our government, we uprooted the whole family last year and moved to Canada. We have considered moving to a place in the U.S. that is not governed by the government--a reservation that is self-sufficient, no taxes, no one telling you how to live your life. You may need to make a 3-hour, round-trip into town--so called civilization--for some househould stuff that are not native to that area. We love seafood, fruits and vegetables--so the place is our haven we dream to live our GOOD LIFE one day.

For now, I'm for Ron Paul.

I'm prepping to leave on Monday for a two-week trip to California and will surely miss reading your wisdoms, Stephanie.

Sarah (the other me)

Sarah said...

So sorry for all the it won't HAPPEN in this lifetime...Some friends of OURS were so fed up with our government, THEY (not WE) uprooted the whole family last year and moved to Canada.


Penny said...

Stephanie, don't ever think we don't comment because we disagree - you should know us better than that. If we disagree, we'll tell you! I find myself often reading and nodding my way through your posts. So we're here, and we're soaking it up. :)

mamastreasures said...

Sing it sister!

Know that I check in with you everyday, but don't always have time (or a free hand for the keyboard) to comment.

Don't know who I'll vote for. Our primary is in May, I think.

I'm about as liberal as they come and think that schools should be like libraries too, free, full of information and completely non-compulsory.

Even if I don't have all the same views as yours, I'm still interested in hearing your thoughts.


Jenny said...

I'm a lot like you; don't like the drinking age and actually think drug use should be made legal. Which sounds pretty crazy, especially for a Christian, but that's where I'm at right now.

As far as health insurance, if we had not had it in 2006, we would have lost our house, I guess ... our medical bills to keep me and my daughter from dying would have been several hundred thousands of dollars. Even WITH insurance, it was well over ten thousand that we still owed. Don't know what the answer is. Why are medical costs so so so high?