Monday, January 14, 2008

"I did not learn"

Jared has been reading more and more each day. Just tonight he was lining up his hot wheels and reading the sponsors. This one is cheerios, chex, bad boy, reeses, mom why does this say polar power? Mom why can I read these words?

I said well you just learned how to read. I did not learn, what did I do homework or something? I didn't learn I just know how to write and spell and read that's all, I just know how.

Out of the mouths of babes:)

I did not learn, I just know how.

I love it!

Learning happens, you can't deny it!


Sarah said...

How are you? You've been very quiet on RCU...


Anonymous said...

How super cool for Jared...Josh used to say the same thing when peopel asked him who taught him to read..."Nobody taught me- I just did it." It's so exciting to know, and see kids learnign ot read wihtout any school whatsoever- hooray for unschooling, and hooray for your wonderfully clever "baby". :0)