Friday, January 25, 2008


Trying to give up coffee just plain sucks!!!!

My homeopath strongly suggests that I go back off of coffee, she said to just have it once in awhile as a treat.

I have been trying, I go a few days but the migraines are horrendous so I have a cup of java.

I do drink tea, green and white and I have tried to increase it to match the caffeine level. I guess I just need to keep trying.

My head is pounding today due to lack of sleep and I had two cups of tea earlier, no help.



kelli said...

That sucks. I love coffee. Have you ever tried yoga? For the sleep and for the coffee cravings? One time when I was doing yoga quite regularly I noticed that I didn't really want any coffee and I didn't get a headache from not having it.

I also have to get a walk in each day or sleep doesn't come to me either.

I hope you're sleeping better soon!

justjuls said...

Aw man - that stinks!
I'm sorry -
I think I am getting a sympathy headache for you!
A large glass of wine oughta do the trick -
PLEASE tell me she didn't say you have to give that up too???

Stephanie said...

I should look into yoga or some relaxation technique, I just simply do not relax well, except after some wine...
No Jewls I don't have to give that up I would really go nuts

mamastreasures said...

I suffered from horrendous migraines since I was 16 -- until cranial sacral adjustments and accupuncture from my osteopathic family doc. I've now had only 2 migraines in almost 2 years!

I, too, had given up coffee for a while, but the adjustments from the doc did the trick.

Now I can have coffee without incident. And, yeah, it can antidote homeopathic remedies...