Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Unschooling friends

We have been blessed with real live unschooling friends. We are getting to know each other, spending hours at each others houses, hours that go by like minutes. The kids are having so much fun playing together.

Even after we go home the kids are talking on the phone for hours, playing computer games together.

It is just so cool to sit down and talk to someone about all sorts of topics and get to know each other. The really neat thing is that the way we parent is in the same line of thinking as well.
I really believe that in order to unschool successfully we do parent differently, more in tune with each child, more respectfully and mindfully than mainstream top down rule oriented thinking.

I'm trying to be vague with descriptions and names but I am just so thrilled to actually know people who get us and don't think we are from another planet :)

Tonight Cassie was on the computer and on the phone with her friend pretty late, I was in the tub but it was between 1-1:30 am. How cool is that? The really cool thing was that the mom was playing on the computer too with the kids. She is cool!

My point is we are having a blast with our new friends and we are loving the freedoms that unschooling entails.


justjuls said...

That is so awesome. We had friends like that before we moved - and moving away from THEM - not our house or our mountain view or any of that - THEY were our greatest loss.

Grace Walker said...

Stephanie, thank you for sharing this. I am longing for this kind of thing SO bad!!! That's probably been my biggest struggle since we moved to Arizona, are wonderful relationships, like what you describe here. It brought a big smile to my face and hope to my heart to read your post. I'm thrilled, right along with you! :o)