Wednesday, September 05, 2007


New friends bonding over Runescape. The boys had a great time together today while the girls were off to a girl scout meeting. Lots of gaming going on, they are always playing Runescape but now Cassie and Brenny started Club Penguin too. With only 2 computers and 6 people it's getting a little tricky. Jared didn't even get on today to listen to his music.


justjuls said...

This reminds me of sitting with my sister-in-law - she digital scrapbooks, and I do various things on my computer. We all have computers in my family - and I did IM one of my kids once to tell them to come out of their room for dinner - making a neighbor boy tell me we were like the family on RV.
It is the computer age!

Stephanie said...

I look forward to getting more computers, they are becoming a necessity for our life. As you see 3 computers in the pic, L brought his mom's laptop :)

Anonymous said...

What handsome young men you have there! And the fun just continued after they parted.....Ruby