Friday, September 07, 2007

Safe Haven

It seems that wherever we have lived our house is a safe place for kids and pets alike.

In CA we used to joke that there was a sign out front that only lost animals could see. We took in so many strays I lost count, we always found them a new home. We have some wild tales about some who stayed awhile, just for one we had a coonhound pup stay for a few months. We had 4 beagles and really didn't need any more pets. Our males were fixed but our females were not, we didn't even pay attention to when they went into heat. So.... we found a home for the coonhound but he left behind a legacy, he got both of our dogs pregnant. The puppies were cute though, our one dog had problems and almost died during delivery. We found good homes for all the pups.

Anyway then in PA, we were a safe place for the neighbor boy who had a miserable home life. He was at our house a lot and I would watch him afterschool and stuff. His parents have since divorced and they are doing much better emotionally.

Now here the kids 2 doors down have spent many hours at my house. A few times last year they got home from school and nobody was home and came to my house. It has happenend twice in the past week, last week and today. Both parents work and one has to leave work and come get the kids to take them to grandma's and go back to work. I just can't imagine my 8 and 5 year olds getting off the bus to no parents... Actually I can't imagine mine ever getting on the bus but that's another story.

When I was a kid that happened a lot to me or my mom would arrange for me to be dropped off at someone else's house until she got off work. That was actually when my parents were still married. I grew up with a single mom who had to work 2 jobs. I just think that so many 2 parent workers could do it differently if they really wanted to or knew how. There are so many advantages to being home with your kids and after all is said and done the second income doesn't amount to much.

I guess we have always been the *go to* place wherever we are, it is something sensed by kids and animals, they know we are a safe haven.

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Tina said...

Hear Hear
After turning down the second job offer again, I'm content to being home full time least until Starbuck's calls and I have no moola. Oh well, I'm here for the long haul.
Our neighbor kids are coming here also to be let in and use the phone. No one is home next door for hours. Heck, they spend the whole summer alone. Ugh!!