Monday, September 24, 2007

The Unprocessed Child

I have finished The Unprocessed Child and just thought I would tell you what I thought of it.

Overall it was a good book, easy to read, straightforward and to the point. I have said many of the things she writes so I really agreed with her take on most things.I realize that Valerie F. was pretty much giving an overview of their lives and in that respect she did a nice job.

It is a good read to give to someone who would like to unschool and parent respectfully.

I do believe it was pretty simplistic in many areas and I would have liked her to go more in depth but I suppose then the book would be 4oo pages long.

She had one child and the dynamics of a one child household is much different than a 4 child household.

My kids have the freedoms that Laurie had but when we have to take turns and be flexible and mediate and respect everyones needs it takes on a whole new dynamic.

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justjuls said...

I had that same feeling. Some of the freedoms her daughter had are not as readily available to multiple children households. I wished there had been a bit more instruction about that as well. However, she didn't write a how-to book - she wrote a "this is the wonderful thing that happened to us" book.
I hope to get to meet her in the fall sometime - she only lives an hour and a half or so from me! I can't wait.