Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No More Sweets

Today my friend brought over some doughnuts, she asked me first. I said it was ok, I can unclench my sphincter on occasion :)

On top of that Jared really wanted cupcakes, now he doesn't actually eat the cupcake just the frosting. So I made chocolate cupcakes some with vanilla frosting and some with chocolate.

Brenny and Cassie kept coming in for another plus eating the frosting out of the bowl. I honestly do not know how many they ate. Brenny asked me if he could have another and I said sure.

In the past I have usually said something that would deter them from eating too many but tonight I said nothing.

A little while ago I was in the kitchen and I heard Brennan say *That's it, no more sweets for me tonight* and Cassie chimed in and said *No more sweets for the rest of my life*

A little later Cass was on the couch crying that her tummy hurt, I tried to be sympathetic and offered her mint tea, I did not say anything demeaning at all, she knew why her stomach hurt.

Why am I posting about this? Well this was a major deal for me, I kept my mouth shut, I didn't limit and I didn't say well duh of course you have a stomachache. This was a major turning point for all of us.

Cassie is fine now and eating again.


justjuls said...

You are really the blogging queen these days! I think you've posted more than I have! I have gotten so busy lately!
Poor baby with her stomach. It is so hard to let this stuff happen - but she learned more from this than if you had regulated. I hope she is feeling better today!
Don't let that sphincter get too loose - you never know what might happen - and outings in public will be out!

mrsdebus said...

So cool when our kids work things out while some adults still struggle :0) Shell (in NZ)...I finally worked out how to post (ie: I remembered my Google login name and password). I'll be back.

Grace Walker said...

This is great Stephanie. Thank you for sharing.